George Lopez – arent you American born?

Dear George:

We´ve heard that you plan on leaving America over the Donald Trump win. While many are delighted to see you go and Martin Shkreli @MartinShkreli is offering a most generous use of his Gulf Stream V for that purpose, let me ask you, which country is home?

You´ve had a tough deal but have done pretty well being American. Just think you have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. You were born in the United States of America, and you attended San Fernando, HS that means you benefited from the US public school system. Your mom & dad left you at a very tender age and thank God you had a grandmother and a step-grandpa to step into the breach and help raise you. Did your grandparents work in the US or Mexico while they raised you? Oddly you can be heard on The Late Show with Steven Colbert identifying as a Mexican.


You are keeping 300 plus million Americans in suspense but as you are of Mexican descent do you have a Mexican entertainment industry waiting with open arms to pay you more than Hollywood? If it´s Canada, you´re gonna find a limited appeal. Europe? Maybe somewhere there but you better have some cash socked away ´cause they also have a dearth of people ready to pay to hear your Angelino humor delivered with occasional use of fine Spanglish peppered with such classy terms like “Puto”. That economic freedom that you now have that enables you to pull up stakes so easily, was that just due to Mexican patronage and viewership in the US to your standup comedy and TV programs and films or maybe was their some non hispanic American component behind that acceptance, success and accumulation of wealth?

What, George, has led to this decision to look for to a non-American patria but the political wonder Donald Trump? Sure, he was a pretty rough on Mexicans with his unjust characterization of Mexican immigrants as “criminals” and “rapists” and that Mexico was not sending their best to America but he did admit that “some good people” also come here from Mexico, didn’t he? Are you gonna deny that indeed a lot of Mexicans ruin that country´s image here in the US and as I write this Mexicans control the drug business from the fields of Latin America down to the street corner in cities and towns across America in All 50 states? I have been told by one former high official in the DEA that the requirement that coyotes demand of illegal Southern border crossers are that they carry a few kilos of heroin as they sneak past the border. Thus a LOT of people crossing illegally from Mexico to the US are de-facto drug smugglers. Not all are Mexicans but many are and a majority if not 100% of the coyotes are Mexican. Heroin-both produced in Mexico or at least trafficked by Mexican drug gangs is killing American kids across the nation. Do you blame Trump for wanting to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? I don’t. A lot of Mexicans act like they own the place and the proof is they got here illegally.

A ton of Mexicans are illegals. Does that bother you? You prefer “undocumented”? That´s a little like sayin the guy on the street corner selling oxycodone from his car is an undocumented pharmacist!

While I´m at it, many Mexicans believe that California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Utah belong to Mexico and rudely fly the Mexican flag constantly in America. Few Americans would pull that type of insensitive behavior South of the border. It gets even worse. Many Mexicans boisterously boo our National Anthem at soccer matches played in the United States as they support a foreign country-Mexico-instead of the nation that feeds their families-the US.
America-and by that I use the meaning every Hispanic should also employ here in the US to refer to the United States America-has been really good to me. From my time growing up in a poor neighborhood in Boston, my family taught me to love America because this was our country. Identifying as “Italian American” didn’t cut it. No hyphenation, divided heart crap. So when I see you jump from identifying with Mexican immigrants as one of them, even though you were born in LA, I see you giving me and my family the middle finger. In a larger context, when tens of thousands of Mexicans living in the US disrespect our US national soccer team and national anthem, I get why Donald Trump became angry with Mexicans and their true home-Mexico. It´s a thing we call backstabbing. The people that enabled the George Lopez show to last five years, win a lot of awards, and then to be a success in syndication can’t all be Latins. It must have enough crossover appeal to non Hispanics. So when are you gonna get off your disloyal I´m a Mexican kick regardless of whether you leave and head South or elsewhere? This is like Obama identifying with his blackness despite the fact that White people raised him. DISGUSTING INGRATITUDE!

My relatives tell us about Ellis Island-not as a place to visit on a ferry boat but as a place where you either got good news or really bad news after a trip across the Atlantic. There must be marks on the floor for every Italian, Pole, Irish man, German, Russian, Assyrian, Greek and Armenian who got on their knees PRAYING to be admitted to America and to one day be able to say “I´m an American” but no you identify with the same losers who disrespect our border, fly the Mexican flag all over the place and act like they own this great country and say their kids are Mexican AFTER they were born in the US. I got news for you. You´re right because unless you were a legal immigrant you were NOT subject to the laws of the US to begin with and you don´t get automatic American citizenship as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. You dude, if the parents who abandoned you were illegal immigrants, are also ILLEGAL.

Let me also tell you something. I detest terms like “anglo” and “gringo” because to use inaccurate (hey I am of Italian descent) and insulting (gringo is what foreigners in other countries shout at us outside a US embassy, the correct term is American so correct Mexicans that use those terms. In short words like that which are so popular for “chicanos” and Mexicans display huge disrespect for the very people that made this country a land of dreams that come true. Let´s face it, Lopez, we´ve been successful because of these same people that you love to disrespect by saying “f_ _ _ that puto” so much. Your blind, foul mouthed hatred of Trump reminds me of crazy Muslim guys who go berserk, break windows and blow people up because someone says Islam is a violent religion. I mean you get upset that Trump labels a lot-not all-Mexicans as undesirables and then, instead of something that shows your high level of culture say “he can suck my ass” which encourages millions to think, with your very big microphone, that Mexicans or Americans of Mexican descent are just the type of people you don’t want in your house, dating your daughter, living next store nor immigrating to your country. And who, you will ask, will pick the strawberries for the tables in Trump Hotels to be served and bussed if Mexicans, or others who cross from Mexico to the US, won’t do it? Not a problem. We don’t need to grow our own strawberries nor produce. We can import them from countries other than Mexico. Hey I saw your gross “comedy” routine of making like you were a field worker picking onions and wiping the crack in your rear end with them to explain why Taco bell had an e coli outbreak.

Trump´s Wall is basically a big middle finger that he gave Mexico. Mexico thinks it does us so many favors and that out country will stop functioning if illegal Mexicans are deported. After all I´ve seen-the riots, the Mexican flags all over the country, illegals voting because they can get away with it. 50 plus Mexican consulates in the US giving their illegal immigrant citizens “matriculas” to open bank accounts, attacking Trump supporters with violence. The US needs to deport illegal Mexicans and seek other Latins. A Guatemalan wont claim that Arizona is part of his country, nor will a Ecuadorean, Colombian, Peruvian, Bolivian, Venezuelan or Argentinian. Mexicans who apply for entry at the US embassy in Mexico City and who speak English and who pass a background check and who renounce Aztlan can get entrance. For the others-the gate crashers, we have a wall.

Mexico pays for it? Sure every time a car enters the US with Mexicans in it they pay $10/head surcharge. If the person has a US passport but fails to speak English to the border staff then they pay $10 too. Every time a Mexican sends money via MoneyGram or Western Union, they pay a $5-$10 fee. Every time a Mexican commits a crime they are slapped with a $50 fee.

Yep. We need a wall to keep out not only terrorists, criminals, assassins, pedophiles, rapists and people who while they may work hard they come with a sneer in their attitude and think they own America and think much of the US is part of Mexico. Just like those miscreant soccer fans who benefit from our country yet boo our national anthem in America, they think they own the place-we don’t need them.

If you´re heart is with these type of people, good bye George.

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