Chicago Shooting Count

The Chicago shooting count since the beginning of the year as of
December 16, 2016 (2pm MST), is:

4,204 Shooting Victims (a shooting every 2:00 hours)
760 Homicides (a murder every 11:04 hours)

Since Last Week (12/10/16)
Shot & Killed:  5
Shot & Wounded:  23
Total Homicides:  5

Ed. The lower numbers this week were probably weather related.

December to Date:
Shot & Killed:  22
Shot & Wounded:  99
Total Homicides:  24

2016 Totals By Race
78.4% Black,
16.6% Hispanic,
5% White/Other

Editor’s note: Depending on the state, there are different types of homicide (the killing of a person by another person)…criminal (first degree or manslaughter), justifiable or excusable., Police involved shootings for 2016, so far:  11 killed, 14 wounded. Cost of medical care for 2016 through 11/30 is: $225,057,000. 

Read more at: StandUpAmerica

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