Trump supporters around the world, time to unite and take a stand

David Weissman, Israel
David Weissman, Israel

I have never seen such a total lack of disrespect of the newly President elect.   These protest which have become fatal, and violent in many cases need to end,  if not then I will start protesting the protesters.  Here is how.

First thing’s first.  Schools need to end common core education.  They need to teach the basics of the American government.  First, by teaching the history in example explaining that the United States is a constitutional Republic not a democracy.  The Electoral College should also be explained and why it is needed.  Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when it was implemented.

Next I personally will continue to wear my Trump hat here in Israel daily showing Donald Trump the support as our new elected American President.  Conservatives also has a right to be heard.  Liberals and Democrats need to realize that freedom of speech does not only apply to them.  I recommend to all Trump supporters around the world to do this and protest the protesters.

There are reports of elected officials going on a nation wide shut down.  These are leaders who are setting a bad example of leadership to the American public.  Donald Trump has the right to have the respect he earned.  We need to keep at it until President Obama condemns these acts of terror from the liberal left.

Any American should be able to freely walk around and without fear say who they support, during or after election day  It is time to take a stand.


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