Time Magazine… spreading Islamist propaganda!

The most devious verse in the Quran – on the cover of Time Magazine!

Time Magazine, White Helmets, Quran
Time Magazine, White Helmets, Quran

The October 17, 2016 edition of Time Magazine includes a cover that not only spouts a lie of great magnitude about the White Helmets, but the cover also used the most devious verse in the Quran – a verse purposefully used by Muslim to fool Westerners.

Verse 32 in chapter five, is translated into English in various forms, usually something like this:

Whoever kills a soul, it’s as if he has slain mankind entirely.

And where he saves one soul, it’s as if he has saved mankind entirely.

But this translation is purposefully mis-translated and important sections of the verse are purposefully left out. Without knowledge of the verse in its entirety and an accurate translation from the Arabic, this verse sounds “peaceful”, even “admirable”. But this verse is used in mosques around the world to incite hatred and violence against Jews and non-Muslims.

Let’s look at the verse in its entirety, and with an accurate translation from Arabic:

Allah told the people of Israel if you kill one Muslim, unless for corruption of the land,

It is as if you killed the entire Muslim community.

If you save one Muslim life, the whole Muslim community is saved.

Our messengers came to the Israelites with clear messages and signs of Allah’s supremacy,

But many Israelites continued to commit mischief and corruption on the land.

The punishment for those who wage war against Allah or Mohammad,

or who strive for mischief or corruption,

is Beheading, or Crucifixion, or the cutting off the right hand and the left foot.

As you can see, the more accurate translation, in which the words “Israel” and “Israelites” are used, as in an Arabic Quran, you see that Jews are being warned that if they kill a Muslim, it is a crime of such magnitude that it is the same as if they killed the entire Muslim community (or a village).

A Jew is not allowed to kill a Muslim — it is a crime of great magnitude.

According to Islamic Doctrine, “mischief” or “corruption” of the land is when someone disobeys the laws of Islam, despite being given clear instructions from the prophets. Previous verses to this verse mention that the Jews were disobedient, and were therefore punished by Allah.

The only time a Muslim can be “lawfully” killed is when it is according to Islamic Law, such as for apostasy, or when a Muslim kills another Muslim (an eye for an eye). A non-Muslim is not allowed to kill a Muslim under any circumstances. But if a Muslim kills a Jew or a Christian (or any non-Muslim), it is not considered unlawful, so there is no punishment.

Chapter five of the Quran is mostly about Islamic laws and punishments. This verse clearly defines the punishment for when a Jew, or non-Muslim, violates Islam. When a non-Muslim commits “corruption on the land” the punishment is crucifixion, beheading or cutting off a hand and a foot. But “corruption” is a very broad term in Islamic Doctrine.

Corruption on the land, sometimes translated as “mischief on earth”, consists of an enormous category of offenses including: criticizing or questioning Islam; calling for a change in Islamic traditions; prejudice against Muslims; jokes about Islam or Mohammad (jokes are altogether banned in strict Muslim countries—whether about Mohammad or not); an attempt to undermine the goals of Islam; or, an attempt to undermine the interests of Muslims.

This verse is not peaceful. It is certainly not admirable. And it is purposefully used to fool Westerners. 

This verse is used in mosques around the world to sanction the killing of non-Muslims for a broad range of reasons — simply for doing or saying something judged to be against Islam, Mohammad, or Muslims in general.

Throughout the Quran it is repeatedly stated that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims, that Allah has given Muslims rights above and beyond that of non-Muslims (that’s why there are no equal rights or human rights in Islam: non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims).

The Superiority of Islam is preached by all imams in all mosques around the world because Islamic Supremacy is the fundamental base of Islamic Doctrine.

In the Quran it is repeatedly stated that non-Muslims are lower than pigs, dogs and other creatures considered vile. They are “less than human”. Therefore, they are not part of “mankind” nor of the “community” (the Muslim community).

In addition to the deviousness of verse 5:32, Islamists often use duality of terms to fool Westerners. The following are the most common terms Islamists use to fool you and what the words actually mean according to Islamic Doctrine:

Terrorism: Terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed.

Terrorism is defined as killing a Muslim without any “right” to do so (an eye for an eye between Muslims is ok–that is a Muslim’s right to justice). But under any other circumstance, killing a Muslim is considered terrorism. If you kill a non-Muslim, say a Christian or a Jew—that is NOT considered terrorism.

Innocent: Only a Muslim can be innocent. Non-Muslims are never innocent. They are always guilty of not following Islamic Law or not subordinating to Muslims.

Freedom: Only Islamic Law can lead to true freedom.

Justice: Justice can only be obtained via Islamic Law.

Peace: Peace can only occur when Islam takes over the entire population of the world and Islamic Law is implemented on all people.

Doctrine on Jihad vs Peace

Islamic Doctrine defines Jihad as “warfare against non-Muslims”. Islam divides the world into two: Dar al-Islam (the House of Peace) and Dar al-Harb (the House of War).

Where there is Islamic Law, this is Dar al-Islam (House of Peace). The rest of the world, i.e. countries that are not governed by Islamic Law, this is Dar al-Harb (House of War)—where jihad must occur.

The fundamental goal of Islam is to make Dar al-Harb non-existent until the entire world is Dar al-Islam (which means full Islamic Rule). Only then will there be “Peace”. And only then will there be no need for Jihad (war against non-Muslims).

When Muslims speak of wanting “peace” or that Islam means “peace”, they are referring to total Islamic Rule and a world run by Islamic Law.

Suicide and Martyrdom

Muslims are forbidden to commit suicide. But martyrdom, being killed in Jihad, is a direct admittance to Paradise. So a Muslim will claim that ‘suicide’ is not allowed in Islam, to fool you into thinking Muslims are against “suicide bombings”, yet all Muslims know that a suicide bombing in the name of jihad is considered admirable. When there is a suicide bombing that kills many people, Muslims will not condemn it. They are “silent”, and this is why.


This issue of Time Magazine states that the “White Helmets” saved 60,000 lives–this is Islamist propaganda, just like this Quran verse. The White Helmets are members of the terrorist groups ‘Free Syrian Army’ and ‘al-Qaeda in Syria’ and have conducted massacres on entire Christian villages — they have killed at least 60,000 — not “saved” 60,000 as Time Magazine states. They are NOT rescue workers, but part of a propaganda network. For details on the White Helmets:  CLICK HERE

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.