Russia in Egypt for joint military exercises

Russia Egypt Joint Military Exercises
Russia Egypt Joint Military Exercises

In Egypt, Hillary Clinton represents all things bad.

Corruption, Fraud, Deception, a ‘Bought and Paid for Media’ — all things Egypt had to fight from 2011-2014 when they took down the Muslim Brotherhood.

What Egyptians “fear” most about Hillary are her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and her “Pay for Play” Islamist connections: Saudi Arabia ($25 mill); Morocco ($28 mill); Kuwait ($10 mill); Qatar ($5 mill); Oman ($5 mill); UAE ($5 mill); Brunei ($5 mill) — that’s $ 83 million dollars of “Islamic Pay for Play”.

Egyptians are rooting for Trump 

Egyptians have watched in horror as Americans, including families with small children, were attacked as they stood in line at Trump rallies. These videos of violence went viral in Egypt and were discussed endlessly. These types of attacks were reminiscent of what happened to Egyptians during the election of 2012.

There were more than 1000 well-documented voting violations, resulting in the Egyptian Supreme Court declaring the election invalid. Yet the Muslim Brotherhood brushed off this verdict and continued to take total power.

Egyptians worry that the Democrats have rigged the election in America, and that even if voter violations are well-documented, as they were in Egypt, that nothing will be done about it.

After the Muslim Brotherhood took power, things rapidly worsened. The Brotherhood wrote a new Constitution, one which took away the rights of minority groups and women. The media was immediately censored. All 29 governors in Egypt’s 29 provinces were replaced with Muslim Brotherhood members to enforce harsh restrictions of freedoms.

Egyptians fear that if Hillary “wins” the election, her “Pay for Play” with hardcore Islamist countries will mean a worldwide pro-Islamist agenda, but also renewed attacks on freedoms in north Africa. Therefore, Egyptians are rooting for Trump. And they hope for a new allegiance of Allies in the region who will fight Islamic Terrorism — instead of supporting it.

Russia joins Egypt in the fight against terrorism

In July 2016, Russian military forces began conducting military exercises in the Western Desert near the border of Libya.

On October 17, 2016 more Russian military units arrived in Egypt to take part in joint military exercises in the Sinai, this time involving the Air Forces.

The arrival of Russian military units was welcomed with cheers.

Egypt is surrounded by ISIS in Libya and in the Sinai. The Egyptian army has been fighting ISIS in the Sinai for more than two years and incurs daily losses. And no matter how many battles the Egyptian army wins, ISIS grows larger.

ISIS has an unending source of Islamist mercenaries.

On October 17, 2016, a Syrian delegation consisting of top officials from Syria’s Security Agency arrived in Cairo and met with top members of the Egyptian National Security Agency.

Egyptians are happy about joint collaborations with Russia and Syria because the three countries have joined together to fight Islamic Terrorism.

I expect there will be a new wave of propaganda against Russia as this alliance is made known. So far this collaboration has been purposefully kept under wraps, but as of last week, photos have been released of the joint maneuvers.

With the threat of Hillary Clinton becoming president, Egyptians are worried. But other events have been taking place that are troubling as well.

In Morocco, the Muslim Brotherhood have gained the majority in Parliament.

In Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood is now the ruling party in government.

In Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood gained important seats in Parliament.

In Algeria, the Muslim Brotherhood do not “officially” have a majority in Parliament, but many members belong to groups that are subversive offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood; therefore, they may indeed have a majority. In 1990, Algeria’s Muslim Brotherhood started the Algerian Civil War that lasted almost a decade. Algeria’s Muslim Brotherhood are extremely subversive and dangerous.

In Lebanon, on October 31, 2016, Lebanon’s parliament elected Michel Aoun as President of Lebanon. Aoun is an 81-year-old former army commander. Aoun is Christian and a supporter of the Syrian government. Lebanon has been on the verge of collapse for two years as the country was more or less without leadership or cohesion. It took several rounds of voting before Aoun received a majority of 83 out of 127 parliamentary votes. Chaos is still possible.

On October 8, 2016 Egypt voted “for” the Syrian people and “against” the US coalition by voting for the Russian draft resolution at the UN. This resulted in Saudi Arabia breaking ties with Egypt and Saudi’s making various threats.

The US, via Obama, ended its support of Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood were banned in Egypt in 2013. So Egypt had to form new allies and rely on countries they had never needed before, such as Saudi Arabia. But now, Saudi Arabia is pulling aid because Egypt supports the Syrian people and has joined Syria and Russia in the fight against Islamist Terrorism — Terrorism that is backed by Saudi Arabia.

From 2011-2014, the Muslim Brotherhood destroyed Egypt’s infrastructure, its roads and bridges; they purposefully damaged water and electric plants. In 2012 they also ceased gasoline production and oil imports so as to cause an almost total cessation of travel — to work, school or elsewhere. Egypt was incessantly frozen without power, water or transport during the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule.

This is very similar to what has happened in Syria. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood started the conflict in Syria in 2011, and like the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, they called in mercenaries to help cause chaos and enable the takeover.  No one understands the conflict in Syria better than Egyptians.

A Hillary administration would further support the foreign Islamist takeover of Syria, but there is no doubt that her administration would also support another “Arab Spring” type uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood across north Africa.

The so-called “Arab Spring” of 2011 was initiated by Muslim Brotherhood organizations in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.

Everyone living in the region knows who the “opposition” groups are in these countries. The “opposition” to current governments are Muslim Brotherhood. And Muslim Brotherhood do not want “democracy”. They want Islamic Law with an end goal of Islamic Rule in all of north Africa. These goals are outlined in their websites and their leaders openly declare it.

Hillary would also promote a war with Russia. It is clear that she is already laying the foundation for a conflict.

Egyptians believe Trump would work “with” Russia to wipe out ISIS, but also other Islamic Terror groups.

Most every Egyptian has a friend or family member living in Europe and they tell us the true horrors of what is happening in Europe. There is a foundation being laid for an Islamic takeover in Europe. And Hillary will promote this Islamist agenda.

The last bit of news is that three Russian submarines are headed to the Syrian coastline in the Mediterranean to join the fleet of Russian ships at the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.

Western media has intensified its propaganda campaign against Syria for several weeks now. It is obvious to all living in this region that the propaganda campaign is being conducted in order to justify a new campaign against Syria. So Russia, Syria and Egypt are preparing for attacks. They will not be the aggressors, but they will defend themselves.

Russia’s aircraft carrier is carrying several fighter jets and attack helicopters that are ready to conduct defensive airstrikes against foreign Islamist forces inside Syria.

Thanks to Obama, America is on the wrong side in the Syrian conflict — supporting foreign Islamic Terrorist groups. A Hillary administration will further the Islamist goals until these very same Islamic Terrorist groups in Syria begin entering the United States as “refugees”.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.