Former US Spy Denies Russian Espionage

The democratic party claimed that the emails published by WikiLeaks were obtained by the Russian government to discredit it. However, Jim Waurishuk, retired USAF Colonel who worked as Deputy Director of Intelligence, wrote an article arguing that the Russians were not involved in the leaking of the emails.

Waurishuk states that if the Russians had hacked the Democratic Party, they would try to   cover its tracks and avoid public knowledge of what they have done.

“they would have had in place a counter-deception plan as well so that if there was, or were revelations or leaks, even just accusing Russia of involvement or their complicity, they could easily deny and theoretically show proof of non-involvement.”

Moreover, The Russian government would not likely to send the emails’ information to WikiLeaks, especially when they

“[Do] not have full control of the reason, justification, intent, and the agenda for which Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is doing in revealing this information.”

Instead, The Russian government would have saved and used in the future the information from the emails

“to influence the outcome of a negotiation, a treaty, a trade agreement, or other diplomatic, economic, or military program or event.  Or, to just publicly embarrass her…”

In fact, Waurishuk believes that Putin and Russia support Clinton rather than Trump.

“You can look at [Clinton’s] resume of the rest of her foreign policy record around the world, a record of consistent failures and miscalculations… it all comes around and back to how she handled her internal, personal, political government affairs as the U.S. Secretary of State and Co-CEO of the Clinton Foundation…”

Waurishiku explained that the hacking of the Democratic Party’s emails seems work of

“highly capable pros who are in the business of ‘for profit’ reasons, and sold Clinton’s email files to Wiki-Leaks, at an unknown price.”

Fortunately, someone took the time to expose the truth of the emails’ leak.

Read the full article at IPatriot.

Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.