Attn: Trump, the King of Jordan is not your friend!

An Open Letter to President Elect Trump and the American People

King Abdullah of Jordan
King Abdullah of Jordan

I am writing this to inform the incoming President and his administration for the safety of the American people and their interests.

I am sure the President-Elect has been briefed about the 3 American soldiers who were killed by a Jordanian soldier weeks ago. And of course, 2 others were killed by another Jordanian soldier less than a year ago. This did not come from nowhere, this was the result of constant incitement by Jordan’s king and his regime.

King Abdullah of Jordan is not who he appears to be.  He is not a friend to the United States as well as American allies especially Israel.  He is not out to fight terror but incite, encourage, and even supply terrorism.  He is an enemy of peace and here is why.

He has supported ISIS in many ways as well as ISIS has supported the king.  While 1,000 ISIS fighters originate from Egypt.  Over 2500 fighters come from Jordan.  Many which comes from the king’s Army and security forces.  Those have crossed the borders from Jordan under the king’s watch, if he could block 80,000 Syrian from entering and leave them in the desert, he sure ought to block thousands of terrorists from crossing the borders to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

On 5 October 2015, many different Arab media sources reported 4500 trucks sold to Jordan’s government by Toyota somehow ended up in the hands of ISIS.  Of course there was no comment from the Jordanian Government.  Reports from a well-known Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, told his interviewer on Egypt CBC that he had a report of who supplied ISIS with weapons and supports it.

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David Weissman was born in Queens, NY and served 13 years in the U.S. Army as a chaplain assistant, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Upon being honorably discharged he made the Jewish right of return (Aliyah) and moved to the city of Ashkelon in Israel where he experienced the war with Hamas in the summer of 2014. David is now a freelance writer living in the city of Efrat in the Jerusalem district.