Are voters IDs really racist?

Leading up to election day a controversial topic came up again: voter IDs. While some people argue that asking for an ID avoids fraud, opponents label this action as racist because, according to them, minorities are less likely to have one. But is it true?

Fox News reporter Ami Horowitz interviewed white college students in California about this topic and then talked to African Americans in New York City to confirm the opinion of the first group.

All of the students claimed that requesting an ID is racist and suppressive; however, when asked to elaborate and explain why:

One man said black people are “less likely to have,” state IDs and another said “these type of people” don’t have “easy access” to DMVs.

When the interviewer stresses that it is possible to get an ID online, a student even said that:

“I feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how it works… For most of the communities…they don’t really know what is out there just because they’re not aware or they’re not informed.”

Moreover, another student believed that it would be hard for African Americans to have access to the internet because they would have to pay monthly fees for the service.

When Horowitz interviewed African Americans in NYC and share video of the other students answers, they could not help to be surprise.

One man commented that:

“Everybody I know has [sic] ID. Like, that’s one of the things you need to walk around New York with — an ID.”

In addition,

“That’s just stupidity, honestly. Everybody has access to the internet, even a little kid can figure out how to work the internet,” one black young man said of the suggestion that black voters’ access to the web is limited.

One lady believes them thinking that African American do not have the knowledge to obtain an ID is “a little racist”:

“Because, you know, you’re putting people in a category and you have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said.

And she is not the only one, many of the people interviewed agree that stating a group of people does not have the knowledge and other means (internet) to obtain an ID reflects racism and ignorance. In fact, none of them would have a problem showing their IDs to avoid voting fraud.

Read more and watch the full video at The Blaze.

Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.