Are Hillary supporters sane?

Guest writer John L Hancock

Today it appears that I once again have been unfriended by one of the few Hillary-supporting “friends” I still have on Facebook.  She was sharing posts, which showed up in my news stream, promoting the narrative that Donald Trump was elected president solely because America is racist.  I calmly shared with her exit polls conducted by CNN and the Washington Post after the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections.

The exit polls clearly show that the demographics for all three presidential elections are almost identical.  The big difference is that a higher percentage of people without college education turned out to vote for Trump than they did for McCain or Romney.  (In those elections, they voted overwhelmingly for Obama.)  I also noted that nearly one in three Latinos voted for Trump and that – while still a small number – the percentage of blacks voting Republican has doubled since McCain.  These results indicate that it wasn’t people motivated by racism who gave Trump his victory; rather, it was a lack of inspiration for Hillary that led to her defeat.

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