Anti-Trump lesson plan distributed in San Francisco public schools

Teaching Class
Teaching Class

It is a shame that at school, students do not learn to have a healthy discussion about politics and the democratic process, and instill patriotism. Instead, teachers encourage fear and anger among their students when the result did not go their way.

It seems that democracy is not popular at schools nowadays. First, a teacher offended the then-candidate Trump by dancing an offensive song dressed as him. Now, after said candidate was elected president, San Francisco ‘s teachers’ union published a lesson plan that labels Trump and his supporters as racist and sexist.

The plan, written by a social studies teacher to answer student’s questions and concerns about the next President, promotes the importance of fighting against “oppression”.

In fact, the lesson plan urges teachers not to tell students that Hillary Clinton lost the election (original emphasis): “DO NOT: Tell them that we have LOST and that we have to accept this. We do not have to accept ANYTHING except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against unjust people.

It also encourages understanding of inappropriate language that might be used by students to express their feelings after Trump’s win.

“I know that they might curse and swear, but you would too if you have suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any isms or lack of privilege,” [the teacher] wrote.

This lesson plan has received the tacit support of the school district.

Gentle Blythe, the school district spokeswoman, did not support or condemn the plan and stressed that teachers are not required to follow it since it is not part of official curriculum, but commented that:

“Educators are entrusted to create lessons that reflect the California standards, support students’ social and emotional well-being and foster inclusive and safe school communities,”

Moreover, the Union President Lita Blanc:

praised the plan’s advice for students to stand up and defend themselves, and speak out for themselves and make a difference.

Of course, this lesson plan has received a strong reaction from the Republican party in San Francisco. RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon defined this plan as:

“inappropriate propaganda that unfairly demonizes not only the campaign that Donald Trump, the winner, ran, but also all of the people who voted for him.”

Stay involved in your kids’ schools and put a stop to this indoctrination. You can teach kids about the process without instilling fear and hate. The fact that this type of “lesson” goes unchecked in the administration shows just how biased our school administrators are at all levels. You can change this! Speak up. Get involved!

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Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.