A Nation under Trump or A Nation under Clinton

It is November 8, 2016 and it is a day that will forever live in infamy…

I feel it is safe to say that you will, as you did when John F. Kennedy or John Lennon was assassinated know exactly where you stood, sat, drove or heard the winner of today’s Presidential election.  

It will be that powerful.

But sadly, the last 12 months has for so many Americans been a life lived in confusion, hatred, fear and such distaste that somewhere along the lines and at some given moment, we became dislodged in friendships, business and family because someone had a different opinion about two people…. Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton.

These two people, one a politician who has known no other job for her adult life and one who rarely has done anything worthy of impact and a businessman who has never been a politician but who spoke to the hearts of the people who knew we needed change and somehow, in the last 12 months these two were given so much power that it made our stomachs turn and created more passion and defense than anything we have ever felt.

We have simply become, depending on who you were for, a “Nation under Trump” or a “Nation under Clinton” …

God had for this last year been ruled out except for a few hail Mary’s or a post or Tweet that may have said…  “Please pray”.

But God had, because of His omnipotence, a seat through it all and while He sat and watched all of us Americans duking it out, He remained with His arms open and with the desire and power to change hearts, expand and heal relationships and provide protection… but we all… instead of maintaining a “Nation under God” … were slowly switched just for these twelve months to these two individuals… Trump and Clinton… these were the two people we leaned on and into and posted, tweeted, emailed and spoke of… with passion… protecting our “team” and “unfriending” the enemy.

Oh, we thought of God at Christmas and had some beautiful posts, “He is Risen” but for the most part, God who had the power to do what we all desired, was not our public passion….

Through the last year, television news became soiled and many were found to be deceptive and corrupt while others spent the last 90 days doing nothing but speculating… which I don’t know what it does to a viewer’s blood pressure, but it can’t be good… There isn’t anything definitive in any type of speculating, its full of guessing, thinking, considering and wondering… there is nothing clear cut until the last day of discussion… today… but it took our attention and the tv stations management heard the cash registers go “kaching” from the advertisers and ran with it…

The Israelites begged for a king and God told the prophet Samuel to give them Saul who took the throne and did some big boo boos, was dysfunctional and lived in a constant state of paranoia and eventually ended up with his sons being killed in the act of war.  

But it was God who brought Israel back when Samuel went to God and asked “What now”? And God chose David, who was a man after God’s own heart…

May somehow, this one person who many believe can become the most powerful man or woman on earth, seek God, who is more powerful and is the only one that can take it from One Nation under Trump or One Nation under Clinton to where it all started and became strong because of being and maintaining itself as… One Nation under God. 

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