7-year-old Tweeting propaganda from Aleppo

Syrian Islamist propaganda, Bana Alabed, Twitter
Syrian Islamist propaganda, Bana Alabed, Twitter

EDITOR’S NOTE: Did you see the story about the little 7-year-old girl Tweeting from Aleppo? It went viral this week. She and her mother Tweet from an account. This week they Tweeted that their home had been destroyed and they were on the run. She Tweeted that she almost died and doesn’t want to die.

A 7-year-old Tweeting piqued my interest, a Syrian child, Tweeting in very plain English, from an area where her home had just been destroyed, yet they still have internet access?? Something didn’t add up. So I contacted one of our Middle East Correspondents, Cheri Berens, who has contacts in the area to ask her thoughts on this story. Here it is…


I’ve received several messages on the newest propaganda story regarding the 7-year old girl from Aleppo. The story is pure propaganda.

For the last ten days or so, the Syrian Army has rescued civilians from opposition-held neighborhoods and the army has gone door to door to fight the Islamists—they are not just bombing everything indiscriminately as the propaganda is trying to make you believe.

Many members of the Syrian army involved in the advancements being made these last ten days in Aleppo have family in those neighborhoods and are being reunited with them for the first time in four years — after rescuing their own neighborhoods.

This is quite typical — army members fighting the terror groups in their own neighborhoods. Whenever possible the army allows people to help recapture their own neighborhoods, a vested interest of sorts. The army does not harm their own people.

Whenever the Syrian people and their army make advancements against the Islamist opposition, the propaganda against “the government” intensifies.

I’ve also received messages about hospitals being attacked. These stories, too, are lies. There are about 80 functioning hospitals in Aleppo and the doctors are not leaving. But 16 hospitals in Islamist opposition-held areas were taken by the Islamists back in 2012. Doctors and civilians left those areas because the Islamists were barbaric.

Hospitals in those areas were vacated years ago. The Islamists use the vacated hospitals for their weapons stockpiles.

Anything you hear about hospitals being hit, people being rescued by the White Helmets (who have changed their name to Syrian Civil Defense because people finally caught on that their videos are faked!) are lies and propaganda.

Also, announcements were made well in advance that any Opposition member could put down their weapons and give up without being arrested or killed if he would leave Syria and go back to his home country. Many 100’s have done so in the last few months as neighborhood by neighborhood has been freed. They have been safely escorted out.

Western media never reports the truth. Never.

Read more about Aleppo at CheriBerens.


EDITOR’S NOTE: It may be hard to believe that people would use children as props to mislead war efforts and gain sympathies from outsiders. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We already know our mainstream media is biased and seriously lacking in investigative journalistic skills (evidence the presidential election!) What makes us think they’re doing any better covering international news? Pay attention folks!

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.