What Kind Of America Do We Want?

While the forces behind Hillary’s campaign buckle down and continue to bombard the public with doubts about Trump, the reality of what this campaign is actually about hasn’t gone away.  The fact is that we have two candidates, like them or not, who represent two very different ideas about which direction this country should take.  And people can argue about who is worse but the policies they represent haven’t changed.  Each will implement a plan for the direction of this country and at this point in American history there is no turning back from that direction once we’re on it.  The last 8 years is a clear indication of that.  But it seems people are too absorbed with being outraged over anything Donald Trump does to notice or to care.  Why is it we no longer hear about where each candidate stands on the issues?  Maybe it’s because they know that Americans have more in common when we’re focused on the issues than we do when we allow our judgments to be guided by our emotions.  What most Americans actually believe is that this country is headed in the wrong direction; that we staunchly support the principle of individual freedom; and that we trust in the authority and righteousness of the Constitution.  Democrats are hoping that they can make Trump distasteful enough that Americans overlook Hillary’s real scandals and outraged enough they would be willing to give up what matters most to them. If this election has shown us anything it’s not to underestimate the American people.  Hillary has the full force of the media, the government, politicians on both sides and even foreign governments with her and Trump has made it this far solely on the will of the American people.  His success is the undeniable dissatisfaction of Americans with a government that ignores corruption yet penalizes its people, with politicians unwilling to represent the interest of their constituents, and the elites who feel the need to impose their own brand of morality in order to control everything we do because we’re just too inept and intolerant.  The last 8 years has considerably advanced the liberal cause allowing them to concentrate power, infiltrate social norms and disenfranchise the American people.  Now is not the time to be distracted or dismayed.

If you want to be outraged at what Donald Trump said in a private conversation 11 years ago because you care about offending women, then you have to be even more outraged over what Hillary did to support Bill Clinton’s actual sexual offenses.  If you want to be outraged at what Trump did as a businessman with his taxes then you have two problems:  first, you have a beef with our capitalist system because what he did was perfectly legal, both Hillary and the NY Times have used the same tax exemptions; and second, you have to be willing to convict Hillary for what she did as Secretary of State with her personal email server, failures with Benghazi, foundation conflicts, relationships with Wall Street, Haiti debacle, numerous lies to government officials, the media and the American people, but especially her uncanny ability to avoid any responsibility or repercussion for even the criminal offenses.  What moral code would condemn Trump for his business dealings and hard-core personality while absolving Hillary for leaving Americans to die then lying about it, violating federal laws, using her position of power for personal gain, and basically failing miserably in her role as a government official sworn to uphold the law and serve the American people?

Regardless of whether people can distinguish between the two so-called “evils” or not, the bottom line is what they will do while in office:

Hillary Clinton

We know what Hillary wants to do, she’s not afraid to say it now that everyone is focused on Trump.

  1. Globalization: Hillary supports mass globalization which will leave the U.S. vulnerable at the bargaining table; huge trade deficits and the loss of 1 million jobs with NAFTA is evidence of that.  She’s been building relationships for years with foreign donors to her foundation and her campaign; and those recently leaked emails confirm her intent.
  2. Supreme Court Justices: Hillary says she wants to appoint liberal judges to the Supreme Court that will carry out her vision for America with no mention of the Constitution.  This Supreme Court has already single-handedly overturned legislation passed by Congress, a previous President, and the majority of State Constitutions.  Imagine what a Supreme Court not guided by the Constitution is capable of on religious liberties, gun rights, and individual freedoms.
  3. Expanded Government: She will expand Obamacare, increase the minimum wage, increase regulations for small businesses, increase taxes overall, reduce the coal industry, likely pass another stimulus package for corporate America and another amnesty for illegal immigrants, all of which means an expansion of government and our national debt.  It’s the same path we’re on but this time she’ll rule with little or no resistance.

Donald Trump

We know Donald Trump gained his massive support because he speaks for the American people:

  1. America First: Trump wants to focus on American interests first on every scale from trade negotiations to national security.  His priority is to create jobs and expand small businesses. He’s not afraid to share his love for America and his desire to make her “great again.”
  2. Supreme Court: We know he’s going to appoint judges that will defend the Constitution and he’s boldly expressed his commitment to protect our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.
  3. Smaller Government: We know he wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a free-market system, protect workers in the energy industry, and reduce taxes overall.  And most importantly, we know he is not beholden to anyone but the American people.  He’s personally funded his campaign with $100 million while Hillary has used special interest money from Wall Street to questionable foreign countries.

Trump is not a politician, he’s brutally honest, and he wants to improve the lives of every American.  No one owns him, not the GOP, not corporate America, not foreign interests, and certainly not the elites. Hillary has been running for President for 30 years with more ties to special interests than sitting politicians.  Trump has never backed down not even as his own party members abandon him.  We know he will defend democracy at any cost while Hillary has shamelessly proven she will give us more of the same corruption, cronyism, autocratic rule, government intrusion, systematic intimidation and lies.

Donald Trump will win this election because the American people know what’s at stake is too great to base your vote on simple emotion.  We have endured 8 years of a poor economy, having to work harder for less, seeing more and more people on welfare and unemployment, losing our homes, our businesses, dealing with increased taxes and regulations, watching our military downgraded, seeing the government punish people for simply being patriotic or being Christian, and seeing the growth of a liberal power that has replaced our moral and religious tenets for political correctness.  If you’re thinking of not voting you need to ask yourself: What’s more important to me?  Feeling good about myself for not voting for anyone as I watch my country move closer to tyranny or voting for an imperfect candidate in order to take back my country?  We are Americans not elites, fools or cowards.  We know what needs to be done and we’re willing to do what it takes to keep our democracy safe.  Everyone plays a role in this election.  The majority of Americans don’t agree with the direction the country is going and are tired of the corruption in Washington. If we vote for Trump, he will win.  If we stay home, Hillary will win.  The future of our country is in our hands.  What kind of America do we want?

We, the people – Maria  (guest writer)

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