We The People: How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

It appears there’s yet another Trump scandal in the line of many that the media has so skillfully exposed. The Washington Post obtained a 2005 recording of Trump sharing a lewd conversation with the host of a TV entertainment program.

Last month the New York Times obtained Trump’s 1995 tax return which showed he took a loss of $900 million, relieving him of paying taxes for years to come. Last year CNN headlined that Trump wants to ban all Muslim travel to US. And we mustn’t forget the infamous first story that launched his campaign when he said that Mexicans were bringing drugs, crime, and rapists across the border.

The truth is that Hillary and the Liberals are hoping Americans aren’t paying attention to the facts and will allow their emotions to lead them to outrage. This is just another example of that flexible Liberal moral code that bends as needed.

Basically, Access Hollywood recorded Trump, without his knowledge, having a private conversation where he was crudely speaking about a married woman. What no one is asking is why would an entertainment program secretly record people having embarrassing conversations and then hold on to them for 11 years?  And how exactly did his end up at the Washington Post?

Let’s be real, if offending women is such a crime Hillary’s involvement in Bill Clinton’s sex scandals would at least get mentioned in the same story.  The hypocrisy in all these so-called Trump scandals is the real offense.

As for the tax return scandal, The NY Times anonymously received a copy of Trump’s 20 year old tax return and then released it without his permission.  All it showed is that he took a loss and carried it forward, completely legal, and something The NY Times did themselves.

The liberal media has attributed to Trump every evil trait known to man for simply having an opinion, the wrong opinion. He’s a xenophobe because he wants to vet Muslims before allowing any more refugees into our country and because he stated the fact that illegal immigrants crossing our border from Mexico include a criminal element.

So, if Hillary, the media that supports her, the many Trump critics and even some Republicans call these Trump incidents “scandals” – where on their scale of righteousness would Hillary’s actual scandals fall?

Hillary Clinton lied to Congress and the FBI about her personal email server; she lied to the media and the parents of Americans who died at Benghazi. She lied to the veterans about how widespread the wait times were. She lied about foreign donors to her foundation. She criticizes the wealthy but receives the bulk of her income and campaign donations from Wall Street. She probably has more documented lies than any other public figure and that alone would be enough to disqualify her from holding the highest office in our country.  It is certainly enough to overshadow any of Trumps shortcomings.

But it seems offending women is far more egregious than lying to Congress, federal authorities, the media, and the American people. If lying where her only crime, maybe the hypocrisy of those lashing out at Trump wouldn’t be so obvious. But unfortunately for the country, Clinton’s scandals cross the line of criminality and leave us with a sense that massive corruption, self-interest, and cowardice is what truly fuels American politics.

We know that as Secretary of State she put our nation’s security at risk by keeping a personal email server which was likely hacked; we know she advocated for a presence in Benghazi but then failed to protect her staff even after multiple requests for additional security.  And on that fatal day, instead of concentrating on their rescue she was focused on the cover-up. We also know she promised to keep her role as Secretary of State separate from her Foundation but the recovery of emails she deleted from her server show she gave special audience to the big foreign donors of her foundation.

Trump offended women and apologized for his words and for letting us down. Hillary committed crimes against the government and the American people and has not apologized or accepted responsibility.  How can Trump’s indiscretion compare to the fact that Hillary violated regulations, broke federal laws, created conflicts of interest and basically failed miserably in her role as Secretary of State?  And more importantly, how does it compare to the fact that she was never held responsible, never reprimanded, and never received any repercussions?

When the media, government officials, politicians on both sides, and the world’s wealthiest come to the aid of Hillary even after her trail of corruption, this election is no longer about two candidates or two parties. It becomes a fight between those who want to keep power for themselves and those who will keep it in the hands of the people.

The American people got Donald Trump this far because he loves this country and wants to see it prosper and lead again. Hillary wants the country to be with her and that’s what her 30 years in office has shown. Donald Trump will defend democracy and as she’s shamelessly proven, Hillary will give us more of the same corruption, cronyism, autocratic rule, government intrusion, and lies. Let’s not forget, she will do it with the full force of the media, the government, politicians on both sides, and even the entertainment industry behind her.

The elites in power may hope to outrage us but really, how dumb do they think we are?  Are we really going to give up on Trump who will bring back jobs, restore our economy, secure our nation and enforce our laws for Clinton who will continue raising healthcare costs, expanding the government, accumulating the national debt, and ensuring her personal wealth at the cost of the American people with no consequence or reproach?  We are Americans, not fools or cowards!

GUEST WRITER – We the People, Maria, Miami, FL

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