Virginian Governor gave $700K to FBI agent’s wife

In addition to the scandal of possible illegal foreign donors, The Wall Street Journal reported that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s camping records reveal that his PAC gave $500,000 to Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of FBI agent Andrew McCabe who oversaw the investigation of the misuse of a private email server by Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, the WSJ noted that Virginia Democratic Party, group strongly influenced by Gov. McAuliffe, donated $207,778, making a total contribution of nearly $700,000 to McCabe’s campaign.

Spokespeople for McAuliffe and the FBI told the WSJ that there weren’t any ties between McCabe’s state senate run… and the promotion of her husband, Andrew McCabe, to deputy director …

Furthermore, the Deputy Director claimed that he

sought ethics advice from the bureau and followed it.

Though nobody could prove that the money given to the FBI Deputy Director’s wife influenced his decision, the truth is that people cannot be sure of a fair investigation of Clinton’s emails.  It is unethical and suspicions that agent McCabe did not refuse to be involved, if he knew his wife was aided by someone who worked so close to Clinton. Is there a hidden reason behind his decision?

It is a shame that the FBI is tainted with doubt, suspicion and partiality.

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Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.