The White Helmets: An Islamist propaganda arm funded by the U.S. government

Syrian propaganda
Syrian propaganda

For those of you who have not already read this, it is a must read. It fully proves, with evidence and sources, that western media is feeding you lies that Syria’s government/army is killing its own people.

Mainstream media has been intensely promoting the lie that the Syrian government is targeting civilians. But it is our government that is financing the very groups who are feeding you these lies and propaganda.

The photos and video the media shows you are fakes created by the White Helmets, a group created by Islamists in the US and UK and financially backed by the US State Department, the UK and George Soros.

The US has given the White Helmets $23 million dollars and the UK hasgiven them $29 million.

Our government representatives are very corrupt – they are well aware that they are funding an Islamist propaganda group whose sole goal is to create an Islamic Law government in Syria.

The videos that mainstream media is showing you are now also being used to promote “sympathy” for “refugees” in order to make you think you should accept more refugees.

Read the full article at CheriBerens. It gives you the evidence, but also many photos so that you will clearly see how you are being deceived — by your government.


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