Syria: Americans are being lied to… PROPAGANDA!

Lies and tuth
Lies and tuth

I’ve received countless messages regarding various media reports [about Syria], asking me whether there’s any truth in them. Most are the same repeated lies and propaganda, so I’m answering the most frequent questions in one article.

(1) The US coalition and the US-backed terror groups are the ones who did NOT keep to the ceasefire. In fact, on the first day of the ceasefire, 20 of the “opposition” groups, including all of the US-backed groups, announced that they would not participate in the ceasefire. And while the Syrians and Russians kept their word and abided by the ceasefire that first week, the various “opposition” groups hit Aleppo, Homs, Damascus, Hama and other cities very hard, massacring many civilians (see John Kerry is a liar for details on the 55 attacks conducted by “opposition” groups during the first five days of the ceasefire).

(2) Russia has asked that al-Qaeda in Syria (Jabhat al-Nusra) and Harakat Nourideen al-Zinki be declared terror groups (among others). Harakat Nourideen al-Zinki was the US-backed terror group that beheaded the little boy in July, dragging him out of the hospital with his IV tube still dangling from his arm, tortured and sodomized him, then did a slow beheading for maximum pain and agony—and they proudly filmed the entire event. The terrorists laughed and yelled “allahu akbar” throughout the entire torture and beheading (see also Syrian Opposition Groups Defined).

Al-Zinki is armed by the US, and the US also pays their salaries. Last week, the group videotaped themselves torturing another little boy for hours. The US is backing this group with taxpayer money (see video of Virginia state senator, Richard Black who admits that the US taxpayers are paying the salaries and providing weapons to this terror group).

(3) The “assault” on Aleppo is not being conducted by Russia, nor Syrian forces; the attacks have been conducted by the various foreign terror groups (so-called “opposition”).

When Syrian or Russian forces do respond to the terror attacks, they target terrorist gatherings, terrorist command posts and convoys of armored vehicles—not civilians. See also: Everything you need to know about the Syrian people which gives you detailed info about Syria’s diversity and that every sector of society is represented in the Armed Forces: males, females, Christians, Druze, Alewite and many other communities all fight together to rid their communities of the foreign terrorist groups. They do NOT attack their own people.

(4) Neither the Syrian Armed Forces, nor Russian, have been bombing neighborhoods unless the neighborhoods have already been evacuated of civilians. The areas that are bombed are ones in which only terror groups remain and where the terrorists have large strongholds that can be targeted.

Special ops teams usually go in first to look for any remaining civilians who need help getting out. Then they go building to building looking for the terror group’s hideouts. Sometimes, if the area is already well evacuated, which many neighborhoods have been for quite some time (some neighborhoods were evacuated as early as 2012 when the terror groups first began their attacks), then the Syrian forces, or the Russian Air Force, may target an area known to harbor extremely large groups of terrorists. They do not attack civilian areas.

(5) The Syrian government brings in humanitarian aid on a constant and regular basis. This has been ongoing for years, but western media refuses to report it. Sometimes the terror groups block roads, so the Syrian government has to find new routes, but they never give up.

I have many friends inside Syria, they report that their government provides all types of aid: free housing, medical aid, food, water, gas and even textbooks for the children. The government helps civilians when they are under siege, those who have evacuated, and also those who return to their neighborhoods after the terrorist groups have been vacated.

When they return to their neighborhoods they are again provided food and other aid while in transition, including financial aid to rebuild the neighborhoods. Often members of the Syrian Armed Forces participate in the actual construction (see: Syrian Army fights for Saidneya and Syrian Army fights for Yabroud ).

(6) The Syrian government is not using chemicals! It must be understood that Syrians in the National Defense Forces fight the Islamists in their own communities: they do NOT harm their own family, friends and community. I’ve written other articles giving well documented proof that various terror groups possess chemical weapons and have used them on the Syrian armed forces as well as civilians. This is yet another propaganda technique that always works because western media does not report the truth (see Irrefutable Evidence that the Syrian government did not use chemicals and These Groups are Propaganda Organizations ).

(7) The Syrian armed forces have never hit a hospital. But the “opposition” has continuously targeted hospitals starting in 2012. Most every time, the “opposition” propaganda sites (mentioned in #6), then blames the Syrian Armed Forces. This is propaganda.

In April of 2016 “opposition” terror groups targeted hospitals and civilians in major attacks, yet western media cited propaganda sites blaming the Syrian Armed Forces. Opposition targeted civilian neighborhoods in Aleppo daily from April 25 through May 2. The attacks resulted in 146 dead (of which 52 were children, 33 women), 1103 were injured (432 were children, 356 women). Many of those injured were in critical condition.

Added to the horrors of the terror attacks, two hospitals were targeted by the opposition and hence medical treatment for the critically injured was impossible–emergency facilities were destroyed. One of the hospitals the “opposition” hit was a maternity hospital.

If you’ve read my previously mentioned articles you know that the Syrian Armed Forces have a system in which members are allowed to fight the terrorists in their own communities. This means that they are fighting for and defending their own families, their friends, their own businesses and community. They do not attack their own hospitals. But the terrorist groups do.

More recently, on September 29th and 30th, 2016, terrorists from the “opposition” army “Fatah Halab” (Conquest of Aleppo) targeted Kindi Cancer Hospital. Fourteen terror groups in Aleppo have joined together to create “Fateh Halab”. These groups include Harakat Nourideen al-Zinki (the group that tortures and beheads children), Jaish al-Fateh (the Turkish-Saudi Arabian coalition army), the Army of Islam (mercenaries from many various countries), the Dawn of the Caliphate, and others, who behave in the same manner as ISIS. These are the groups targeting civilians in Aleppo.

Right now the Syrian people are winning the battle against foreign terrorist groups in Aleppo. So western media has amped up the propaganda against the Syrian Armed Forces — calling them “government” forces, or “regime” forces. This is propaganda. The Syrian armed forces consist of Syrians from all walks of life: Christians, Alewite, Druze and other sectors of society.

I have seen several reports on CNN, BBC, FOX, and others, that are using the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Syrian Civil Defense (the White Helmets) as their “sources” that declare the Syrian Armed Forces are targeting their own people. These groups are propaganda organizations (read Propaganda Organizations to learn more).

The main points in the video mentioned above with Virginia state senator, Richard Black who admits that the US taxpayers are paying the salaries and providing weapons to terror groups:

* It was an act of sabotage when the US targeted the Syrian Army in order for ISIS to take control of more territory.

* There is a total lack of truthful media coverage.

* It is not the Syrian Army, nor the Russians, who are against civilians–it is the “opposition” terror groups who target civilians.

* The US is arming the terrorist groups who are attacking civilians.

* The terrorist group al-Zinki (who beheaded the little boy in June 2016) are armed by the US and US taxpayers pay their salaries.

* The Syrian Army helps anyone who wants to leave and they are given safe passage, including terrorists who want to give up their weapons and go back to their own countries.

* The UN needs to pressure the terrorist groups to leave and end the fighting, not pressure the current Syrian government.

* Syrians are given full humanitarian aid: food, housing, and medical care. The Syrian Armed Forces control ¾ of Aleppo, there are many hospitals who are giving free medical care to anyone who needs it.

* Syria has a long history of giving amnesty to terrorists. If mercenary fighters have come from Tunisia, Algeria or any other country, the Syrian government gives them full amnesty if they will give up and return to their country of origin.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.