Is mainstream media an impartial news source?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Making an importing decision such electing a president depends on knowledge. Unfortunately, nowadays, it seems that Americans are at risk of not knowing the whole of the truth of events that are happening in their own country when they only follow mainstream media.  Just recently, even though was secretly recorded ten years ago, the mainstream media is covering Donald Trump’s audio in every channel. It should not surprise anyone since mainstream media usually avoids discussions of the Democratic Party’s faults, such the recent “damaging information” of Clinton’s hacked emails.

Not many people know about key information revealed emails of Clinton’s top campaign aide John Podesta.

Some email discloses that The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff and John Harwood’s partial assistance to the Democratic Party.

John Harwood [wrote] Podesta to offer tips on how Hillary can destroy other candidates for president and bragging that he attacked Donald Trump when he was a “moderator” at one of the primary season debates …

Nicholas Kristoff … [supplied] Bill Clinton with all the questions he planned to ask during an upcoming interview giving Team Hillary all the time it needed to come up with “spontaneous” replies he could dutifully “report” as fact.

Moreover, as if this were not bad enough, Podesta’s emails show some shocking and secret speeches Hilary made to banks, investment groups and other corporations that never were shared to the public. On them, Hillary committed a crime by disclosing governmental confidential knowledge.

During a 2013 speech to a Toronto business organization, she divulged classified details about Obama’s hunt for Osama bin Laden in 2011.

In addition to other emails that shows how Podesta help Hillary beat Senator Bernie Sanders, and that Hillary and her team believed that American are “irrational” and “illiterate” among other things, Clinton wrote an email to Podesta in which she admits that

The governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are directly funding ISIS. And yet, Hillary and her pseudo-charity have taken tens of millions from these very nations.

Apparently, the media considers these “small” shortcomings are not worthy of sharing with the rest of American who, in less than a month, are deciding the next President. Instead, every channel, focus on Trump’s audio.

It is true that many considered offensive what Trump said, and the way he expressed about women can be a topic to discuss. However, is not necessary to know what the other candidate has done too, especially since her action have harmful consequences for the US?

At least one new show’s host, Gwen Ifill, from PBS’ “Washington Week”, recognized that

“Now, absent this bombshell [Trump’s audio] …we would have been paying attention a lot more tonight to some revelations from WikiLeaks about Hillary Clinton’s email — her latest email tranche from the State Department ….”

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Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.