Hillary’s greatest Hits

The Democrat presidential candidate has so many scandals, that it is easy to forget some of them, so I am forming a short list. There are so many, that I may leave some out, but perhaps you will get the pattern. Hillary seems to like making mischief. Now, the list:

Bill Clinton loses an election for congressman. Hillary responds by yelling obscenities at the campaign manager that no lady would ever say.

According to Juanita Broaddrick, Attorney General Bill Clinton rapes her. A few weeks later,Hillary makes a special point to go to Broaddrick and thank her for “everything you do for Bill.” Hillary must have known.

Hillary invests in cattle futures with a broker who wants to make attorney general and future Governor Bill Clinton happy. Hillary quickly makes $100,000. The broker stops making transactions for her. Hillary invests in cattle futures with another broker….

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