DNC TV Commercials are bunk

I Stand with Planned Parenthood, Bryan Caforio, anti Steve Knight, Ad, Commercial, video still
I Stand with Planned Parenthood, Bryan Caforio, anti Steve Knight, Ad, Commercial, video still

From the TV ads being run by Democrat congressional candidate Bryan Caforio, it would be easy to conclude that the single and overriding issue in his campaign against Steve Knight in the 25th Congressional District is the right of women to kill babies. According to Mr. Caforio, the fact that Mr. Knight takes a personal moral stance against abortion is repugnant and disqualifying.

The truth of the matter is that the personal views of either candidate on this issue will have no effect on the 25th district in any way. There are and will be no bills before Congress which will outlaw or interfere with “women’s rights” on abortion. The Congress, in fact, has no legitimate constitutional authority to consider such laws. Nor does Congress have any influence on the appointment of judges who might influence legal outcomes. In short, Mr. Caforio’s primary argument for his election is specious and irrelevant.

So what about the real issues with which 25th district residents should be concerned:

CEMEX:  Mr. Caforio likely knows little about this problem since he only recently rented a residence in the district as Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked, carpet bagging nominee to run against Steve Knight. Steve Knight, meanwhile, working with Federal, State, and Local authorities has solved the problem.

2nd AMENDMENT:  Steve Knight is a rock solid supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has earned the endorsement of the NRA.   Bryan Caforio, like all Democrats, is for “common sense gun control” which is never specific but which always results in attempts to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

TAXES:  Steve Knight believes in tax reform and lower taxes, especially lower taxes on businesses to help U.S. companies compete in the world. Mr. Caforio, like all Democrats, never saw a tax that he didn’t like. He likes to bandy words like “Fair Share” and “Tax the Rich” which translated means “Take as much as you can possibly get from everybody and damn the consequences.”

BALANCED BUDGET:  Steve Knight is for it. Bryan Caforio does not believe it important.

IMMIGRATION:  Steve Knight should be stronger but Bryan Caforio believes in open borders, sanctuary cities, and allowing non-citizens that are residents to vote and receive all welfare benefits.

HEALTH CARE:  Steve Knight favors repealing Obamacare which, by all measurers, has been a disaster, and replacing that system with a more free market based system which would be both cheaper and better in terms of providing service. Bryan Caforio believes in supporting Obamacare, which robs Medicare of hundreds of billions, and working toward a Canada style system which is similar to our VA Healthcare.  i.e. VA healthcare for all!

DEFENSE AND VETERANS:  Steve Knight is and has been a strong supporter of our veterans even while in the state Assembly and State Senate. He continues that in Congress. Steve is a strong supporter of and has been instrumental in promoting the new Air Force bomber program which translates to tens of thousands of jobs in the 25th District.  Bryan Caforio, like most in his party, is not strong on defense and would be happy to cancel any defense program as a cost savings measure.  His support for veterans is lukewarm at best.

When the real issues of this election are examined, there is only one choice for Congress in the 25th district and that is Steve Knight.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While you may think this article only applies to California’s 25th Congressional District, remember that Congressional candidates affect EVERY state because they make laws for ALL of us. The DNC is working hard to gain seats in the House and Senate. You can help by donating money and/or time to campaigns in other areas and states.

John Weaver is a 20 year resident of Southern California and believes that good Governance requires a strong application of reason as guided by historical lessons, truth, and faith and that good Governance can never be attained without a population that understands and subscribes to basic principles. John has earned degrees in Physic and Mathematics from Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) and has made his home variously in Southern California, Georgia, the Washington D.C. Area, and London.