African American Trump supporters: trolls, delusional and unfortunate attention seekers?

On Vice, Jay Stephens published an essay called “I’m a Young Black Woman and I Support Trump.” In it, she emphasized why she believes Donald Trump is the best choice for African Americans.  However, Michael Arceneaux, writer for The Root, published an article claiming that Stephens and other African American Trump supporters are just “trolls, delusional and unfortunate attention seekers.”

Stephens presented a case supporting Trump by mentioning the importance to focus on solving socioeconomic inequality.  She even wrote that with a stronger economy it is possible to reverse poverty, and believes it is possible to actually prevent police brutality and violence with “tangible” policies instead of criticizing the system.

We need to remember that economic crises trigger violence around the world and that falling wages for low-skilled workers in the United States have been directly linked to increases in violent crime … Our economic vulnerabilities decrease our standard of living and increase our chances of having negative interactions with the police. African Americans deserve a presidential candidate with pragmatic solutions for correcting the root causes of the issues we face. That candidate is Donald Trump.

Moreover, she also mentioned that she and other African Americans:

Must look beyond the absurdist racist caricature that has been painted for us of Trump.

However, Arceneaux believes that higher tax brackets would not make racial discrimination go away. He commented this about Stephens’s opinion.

Bless her heart. For she believes she is saying something profound here. I’ll give her an A—not for effort, but asininity … you’re a fool if you think black people are seeing anything other than what Trump has given us. Even now, as Trump talks about black life in America to predominantly white audiences, he describes us as if we’re Celie and he’s Mister, putting us in our place.

He continued to criticize Trump, his relationship with the African-American community and his supporters. He ended his article stating that:

Most of these pro-Trump black folks are being contrarian for the sake of a come-up. Seeking attention in this way doesn’t make you interesting or thoughtful or remotely useful. You’re nobody’s special snowflake for going up for the orange man. You’re just a troll feeding into the media’s insatiable need for content at the expense of your better senses and your own community by lending yourself to the coattails of a bigot. Sad!

Thanks to this country’s rights, Arceneaux is entitled to support who he wants and to his opinion as much as Stephens is. However, while Stevens wrote an argumentative essay listing the reason why she supports the Republican candidate, Arceneaux used language that repudiates and even, some may say, insults African Americans who support Trump.

Is that really the right way to express his opinion?

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Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.