African American Leaders Fight for Charter Schools

Public School, New York, BMGF NYC School visits
Public School, New York, BMGF NYC School visits

160 African American Leaders wrote a letter addressing the benefits of charter schools for the black community to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a civil rights organization campaigning against those schools.

According to Mothers Jones, African American educators, politicians and other public officials believe that:

Charter school moratorium would deny parents the opportunity to choose “what’s best for their children” – and restrict access to high-quality alternatives to traditional public schools.

But, the NAACP opposes the:

Privatization of public schools and/or public subsidizing or funding of for-profit or charter schools

The NAACP also mentioned on its resolutions that:

The NAACP will continue to advocate against any state or federal legislation which commits or diverts public funding, allows tax breaks, or establishes preferential advantages to for-profit, private and/or charter schools.

But the truth is, charter schools actually help minorities since it provides an alternative to public schools.

In fact, the letter states that research from 2015 revealed that:

“The gains were particularly pronounced for low-income, black, and Hispanic students, as well as English-language learners…Poor black students, for instance, received the equivalent of 59 additional days of math learning and 44 days of reading learning. For poor Hispanic students, the gains were 48 days of math instruction and 25 days of reading.”

“For many urban black families, charter schools are making it possible to do what affluent families have long been able to do: rescue their children from failing schools,” the letter to the NAACP added. “Making charter schools the enemy in a fight for adequate education funding doesn’t serve the interest of all students. We cannot sacrifice another generation of students to the status quo.”

It is unfortunate that a civil rights organization whose main goal is to help minorities is trying to do the opposite.

Could it be that the Democrat Party or the National Educational Association’s $100,000 grant to the NAACP may have influenced the organization’s opinion about charter schools?

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