Why is Hamas, a terror group, participating in elections?

Hamas, Israel
Hamas, Israel

Politics in Israel is a different animal all together compared to the United States.  So many different political parties. The phrase “10 Jews, 100 opinions” really come in to play in Israel.  As of now, the coalition formed by Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is still standing.

As we look in the other side of the house, the “Palestinian” side, elections have begun in the “West Bank,” which is really called Judea and Samaria.  This election cycle has been chaotic with accusations between Hamas and Fatah, two factions in “Palestine.”  Quite frankly, I don’t care.  My concern is why the United Nations, who supposedly care about Palestinians, allow terrorist organizations to even participate in elections.

Hamas, when they first came about, manipulated the media saying they are freedom fighters against “Israeli occupation” and had a peaceful place in the Palestinian elections.  Through the years their true colors shown they are nothing more than a radical Islamic terror organization. They have initiated wars with Israel by sending rockets, starting intifadas, and suicide bombs.  They have no remorse, killing Israeli children, women and the elderly.  The last operation back in 2014, was started when they kidnapped three teens.  So again, United Nations, why the silence?

The United Nations, whether it be the UN Human Rights Council (UN HRC) or Secretary General Ben Ki Moon himself, has constantly condemned Israel for defending itself from this terror organization while Hamas uses Palestinian children as human shields.  Hamas also used UN facilities as camps to hold weapon caches, their fighters, etc. Yet Israel is blamed for no peace.

With the facts laid out that a terror organization is participating in elections why is no one holding the United Nations accountable for allowing this and why is no one saying this should not happen? If people truly cared about the Palestinians they would first stop brainwashing their children with hatred for Israelis. They would give them an education where they can participate themselves. Maybe then there could be peace in the middle east. So if anyone is to blame for no peace it is certainly not Israel but the United Nations and Hamas.

Photo credit CC BY-SA HonestReporting.com, flickr/gerlos


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