What you didn’t know about Hillary at The First Presidential Debate

Hofstra University, Presidential Debate
Hofstra University, Presidential Debate

On Monday, September 26th, I had the privilege of attending the First Presidential Debate hosted at my school, Hofstra University. What normally takes a year’s worth of preparation, Hofstra was able to pull off a quite impressive campus presentation in a mere 8 weeks. Certainly, the debate was much anticipated not only by the whole Hofstra community, but by the viewers as well. However, here’s what you don’t know about the First Presidential Debate.

Upon arriving to an off campus location to receive a security check, volunteers continuously reminded the attendees to keep close our jackets, suits or cardigans because “the debate hall will be kept at 60 degrees” Why? Apparently this was per the request of Hillary Clinton. Does a 60 degree room prevent seizures?

To her credit, Hillary was able to step out of her own vehicle and escort herself to the debate hall. It seems as though the swirling health rumors have gotten Hillary to try to keep herself composed. However, Hillary’s behavior at the debate led me to wonder whether or not her calm, cool and collected persona was one of caution so as to not trigger erratic behavior.

Although blatantly favored by journalist Lester Holt, Hillary was able to calmly articulate her points and fire back at Trump. Perhaps it was the advantage that Holt gave her, as he did not seem to interrupt Clinton after her two minutes expired, nor was he eager to give Trump a chance to respond. It was clear that Holt had given Clinton favorable treatment during the debate.

What the audience didn’t see was the countless times Holt motioned a “silence” with his hands when the crowd cheered, laughed or showed some sort of approval of Trump’s statements. Upon shooting a witty comeback at Trump, the crowd reacted despite being told not to show signs of approval or disapproval, as Holt did not silence the crowd. Hmm…I wonder who he’s supporting in this election?

As an active, conservative college student on campus, my initial observation is that the progressives and the liberal left tend to stand out to students as the "expected" political affiliation. I have grown into an individual who cultivated a passion for philosophy and political philosophy alike, in order to reignite the Conservative vision of America. Aside from politics, I am an avid reader, animal lover, and fitness enthusiast.