What if God could vote? ©

Tom Julian
Tom Julian

Ever thought about God and how he might cast his own personal vote during the elections… or are you like those who believe Gods best thoughts and decisions should stay within the church or the synagogue

Do you ever wonder if he leans over to his right, says to his son Jesus, “Let’s pull everyone together and give them some direction on this Presidential election coming up in a few seconds…? (I say a few seconds because a 1000 years could be but a day to God and to be honest, I am not a mathematical expert to come up with the exact number) …

But my point is… Does God pull together everyone who is living within his kingdom together to let them know how He desires to run a country founded with the inscription…. “One nation under God”

My answer is those who follow God and who seek Him, desire nothing that would or could go against the grain of what he taught throughout the years. From the creation of Adam and Eve, to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, through the disobedience and hatred of King Saul, through the sin and forgiveness of King David and all the way up to where Jesus was questioned about his personal allegiance to the government and taxes, and to which He responded, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar, but render to God the things that are Gods’”.

The point is, God loves people and because a society cannot run without order, God put it upon the heart of those who founded our great Country to build a government for the people so they would be cared for, provided safety, and live in a society in which they flourish, love, gather, choose, plan and build as they desire… and so they did as God directed.

Will those today who are running for office, seek to create schooling and education so children can be free to learn historical facts, so they can dream… will the children be able to understand numbers so they can work, budget and save for their future; will women and men still have the privilege, honor and freedom to go to a church of their choice and worship, and will there continue to be a system of correction and consequences…. meaning each and every action will have an outcome that secures our freedom, security and order?

God has always taken a keen interest in how the people are going to vote because he knows what will keep them safe and prosperous and what will not.

No, I don’t think God needs to pull everyone together… if they seek him, he will instill these powerful rules of maintaining order… if the people of America who are called by His name will continue to humble themselves and not take it upon themselves to be God, but will ask for his guidance… the system will maintain itself in good working order… in other words, it will be strong and the people will with confidence put their hands over their heart and say in unison…

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…

This is Tom Julian, thanks for reading.

© Tom Julian, 2016

Educated in the State of Washington, Tom Julian was one of the few chosen to intern with The Washington State Attorney General, Ken Eikenberry...but for reasons unknown, Tom did not pursue a law degree. Instead, Tom went to Hollywood to develop television shows. Fortunately, over the course of a few years, Tom was able to produce two Nationally Syndicated Television shows and then he was blessed to spend close to twenty years working with Fortune 500 companies in the design and manufacture of their product packaging... Apple and Callaway Golf were just a couple of the many. Today he is a full-time writer and producer. When Tom isn't writing or playing golf he loves to think, jot down ideas, buy more flash drives to store the written material and drink coffee with just the correct amount of creme to make the coffee turn a caramel color. You can find out more by going to www.tomjulian.net