Want to leave your union? The National Employee Freedom Week can help you

Although union memberships can offer many benefits, some employees feel that memberships are too expensive and sometimes they do get the help they need. Other workers do not like the fact that some union’s bosses spend member’s money on political purposes such as contributing to candidates’ campaigns.

Unfortunately, not many workers around the country know that they do not necessarily have to belong to a union and that there are options.

Thanks to the National Employer Freedom Week, a nationwide campaign, that could change. Its mission is to inform workers of their choices such as, become agency fee payers or identify as a religious or conscientious objector. It also provides them with the resources that would give them the freedom to leave unions with no loss of employment, salaries, benefits or seniority if they feel that it is best for them.

It started in 2012, when the Nevada Policy Research Institute did a small campaign to inform teachers in Clark County that they could opt-out of Clark County Education Association by submitting written notice from July 1 to July 15.

Surprisingly, not many teachers knew that. Thanks to that information, over 400 teachers decided to leave the CCEA.

Since then, more non-partisan organizations and states have joined to help union members know that they do not have to be in a union to keep the same benefits.

Every employee has their own reason for leaving their unions but now they can get help from non-political professional organizations.

For more information read The National Employee Freedom Week

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