UK takes page from Trump’s playbook on illegal immigration

Calais, France
Calais, France

Apparently, English minister of State Immigration, Robert Goodwill has taken a page from Trump’s playbook. On Tuesday, he announced at the Home Affairs Committee that the UK is planning to build a wall in Calais, France to reduce illegal immigration.

In addition to an existing fence, the 13-foot-high wall would be built by the end of the year on the main road into the Calais port. The purpose is to have stronger immigration control at Calais since

[It] is a common point for migrants trying to enter the U.K. illegally. It is the narrowest point of the English Channel and has the most ferry crossings to England as well as being an access point to the Eurotunnel – the rail system that goes underneath the channel.

Because the UK feels this situation threatens its security, it is concerned that French government does do enough to control people leaving France for England.

Supporters of this wall and the one Trump has proposed argue that other countries with barriers were successful in controlling immigration.

The most commonly cited example is Israel, which built a wall along the West Bank that it says has been effective in reducing the threat of terrorism. Trump has cited Israel’s wall as justification for his own plan.

In addition, according to Bod Dane, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a wall has other benefits.

“Border fences are not only visible, physical symbols that proclaim a country’s sovereignty and right to maintain a rule of law …”


Trump’s wall plan remains controversial. A CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday found only 41 percent of voters back a wall across the southern border.

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