U.S. Elections debate in Israel

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

It was United States presidential elections debate week in Israel.  As you might be aware, there are over 300,000 American registered voters who live here in Israel and are looking very closely at this very important election.  Israel has been a hot topic in the primaries and it was discussed in the debate that was held in Israel with a representative from both parties.

Marc Zell, who is an international lawyer living in Israel and is in charge of Republicans overseas in Israel, represented Donald Trump in the debate held in Jerusalem. He performed extremely well, answered the questions, and even fact-checked Hillary Clinton’s representative on several issues.  Donald Trump would have been proud.

The event ended in a questions from the audience.  A couple of times the debate got heated but both candidates where professional in their exchange.  I believed the event helped Americans in Israel to make an informed decision.

Photo credit DonkeyHotey


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