She’s breaking that glass ceiling on our behalf!

This lying, treasonous, anti-American nightmare of a bitch is supposed to represent WOMEN?

Hillary Clinton, Orange Pantsuit, Hitler Salute
Hillary Clinton, Orange Pantsuit, Hitler Salute

At what point will Democrat women realize that this lying shrew is hardly the trailblazing glass-ceiling breaking icon they’d hoped she’d be?

Many of us have long been horrified that she’s somehow seen as representing our gender – this woman who’d be nothing without riding the coattails of her rapist husband and who, as Kathleen Willey has said, embodies the #WarOnWomen in her attacks on her husband’s victims.  But do Democrat women care?  NO.

This woman has done more to disrupt the geopolitical map that just about anybody with her lunatic “Arab Spring,” her “reset” button and of course, the inexcusable Benghazi deaths – but do they care? NO.

Her endangering thousands, tens of thousands of our servicemen and women and intelligence officers with her illegal server about which she lied, lied, lied again – did any of that matter?  NO.

This, the groundbreaking woman breaking that glass ceiling on our behalf – this lying, treasonous, anti-American nightmare of a bitch is supposed to represent WOMEN?

And now, THIS?

This cravenly ambitious, mindblowingly narcissistic creature is doing far more harm than good – not unlike the racist, cravenly ambitious and narcissistic man-child currently occupying the White House, the one hailed as the post-racial president, the representative of African Americans who has done them a monumental disservice as well.


Democrats:  THIS. IS. ON. YOU.

To embrace this woman knowing what we all knew was a sick and destructive thing to do.

You have zero right to be shocked at a single new revelation about her dishonesty, ZERO.

Choosing a candidate based on gender?  Please.  Grow up.


Author and Chairman of the Board at American Freedom Alliance, Karen Siegemund is one of the new breed of “reluctant activists.”  A mother of two, an educator, a scientist, an American who is deeply concerned about her country, she never in her wildest dreams imagined herself doing what she is now doing: channeling her long-pent-up rage at the media and taking a stand against it.  As the daughter of a man who grew up in Hitler’s Germany, she is highly aware of the creeping dangers of a monolithic press, and she is also, in her bones, grateful for what America is and stands for: that shining city on a hill, the last best hope, the land that people from all over the globe look to as representing the best of us, the greatest freedoms, the infinite possibilities that the American Dream had always promised.

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