‘Roast’ Writers: Ann Coulter Hurt Our Feelings!

The overall quality of Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts might have declined measurably since the untimely death of Greg Giraldo (arguably the best roaster ever—sorry, Jeff Ross), but the quality of the network’s marketing has never been better. In the case of the recent roast of actor Rob Lowe, Comedy Central played the press and public masterfully. About a week before the roast aired, the network “leaked” news that even though Lowe was ostensibly the main target of the barbs, it was in fact Ann Coulter who found herself on the hot seat, the target of the lion’s share of wrath from the dais. Immediately after the leak, both ideological extremes acted exactly as expected. On the right, self-righteous pundits and outraged social media users raised their fists and curled their lips like Kirk at his finest in Wrath of Khanto let loose a projectile vomit stream of indignation about how “them comedians only attacked Coulter because she’s a WHITE CHRISTIAN! They wouldn’t dare make jokes about blacks or Jews.”

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