#RiggedSystem #DebateNight: Complicit Dinosaur Media Will Cover For @HillaryClinton If She Screws Up

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Debate 2016, political cartoon
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Debate 2016, political cartoon

With the dinosaur media, tonight’s moderators, and journalists with pre-written op-ed’s to be published at the stroke of 7:30pm PT, all working tirelessly to prop up the dying campaign of Hillary Clinton – we need to ask ourselves if it even matters what kind of performance she gives.

If Hillary Clinton’s doctors are successful in creating the right cocktail of medications to keep her standing and not confused, then of course the dinosaur media will declare the debate a victory for the evil old lady.

Just yesterday, the evil old lady could NOT make it down a basic staircase without holding onto the rail and struggling for her dear life.

In a video taken by an ABC News reporter, Clinton emerges from the building, holding onto the door frame while two aides hold the door open — one above her, one below her. She then takes a sideways step towards the metal railing and slowly makes her way down the stairs with an apparent Secret Service agent behind her.

Watch the VIDEO HERE

The video yesterday, combined with the famous 9/11 video AKA the #ClintonCollapse, the famous head spasm video, the famous “Donald Trump is my husband” video, and my personal favorite – the famous Hillary Clinton barking like a dog video; all prove that Hillary Clinton is beyond unfit to serve as president.


Back to the show tonight…

If the evil old lady royally screws up, falls, has yet another coughing fit, gets confused (again), or gets exposed for one of her endlessly growing lists of lies and federal crimes, then of course the dinosaur media will say anything and everything to cover Hillary Clinton’s enormous ass.

America hates Hillary Clinton. We always have. But the complicit dinosaur media has a job to do. The complicit dinosaur media will continue their unholy alliance as malignant spirits of the DNC…

Read the full article by Thomas S Schmitz at Conservatives4Palin

Political cartoon by A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

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