Polls Shmolls – Fox tells hosts to stop using!

Fox News Tells Producers STOP Pushing Online Polls: THEY’RE BOGUS

People get too enthused by the post debate online polls conducted by pages like Drudge and Time. They are fun, but they are nonsense. Online commentators and even television commentators have been using these polls to prove that Trump won the debate, and now Fox News Management is warning producers to ease up on reporting about these online polls/

By early in the morning after Monday’s debate online polls conducted by Drudge, Time, and others reported that Trump was the big winner. While I would be ecstatic if they were true, online polls are what’s known in the business (any business) as “crap.” Oh they are fun to keep track of–and I must admit I rush to Drudge to see the result–but they are unscientific and meaningless. Beyond that history has shown that the real effect of a debate doesn’t really show up until a week or so after the debate. In two or more weeks when the election preference polls are updated to include five to ten days after the debate, then we will be able to really determine voter swings resulting from the debate.

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