Political Insecurity

Debate Cartoon
Debate Cartoon

I am not a psychologist, but if I was, I would write a book on the psychology of the elections and how insecurities rise at the highest level when someone disagrees with another, politically.

It amazes me the hateful words put out, throughout the internet and media simply because someone has a different opinion.

Anxiety never sleeps. It is always on the clock. The moment someone wakes, and because it hates for anyone to disagree with it, it will work overtime in someone’s heart and mind. In this multitasking society we live in, work in and vote in Anxiety is running high.  In fact, it goes from house to car to store to office…finding more room to grow within the hearts and souls of so many who become insecure in themselves and who rely on others to think for them.

Amazing… God created us with a mind to help us think on our own.… to do the proper due diligence and make confident and wise decisions, but for those who are more reflective and living in the world of impulse… there grows within their heart a root of disillusionment and they simply become disheartened that someone they have known and loved, simply is not on the same path as they are… politically.

What is wrong with having a different opinion? Do people not realize as human beings, we are individuals… we should not be divided into what others want or desire… we should walk our own walk and if we are confident, we will not care what others think and will pursue the political choices our hearts and minds have agreed upon.

If there is insecurity, then understanding why someone would disagree with our opinion will cause anxiety, and lead to taking this opinion personally… and with the internet and email, reaction can be instantaneous and not thought out.

We are free political agents… we can choose to vote or not to vote… we can choose to be a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent or simply be a nobody and suffer the consequences living in the world “political diddly squat” will bring.

We are free to choose and if someone disagrees with you… just start saying, “tuff titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry.” It is none of their business… it is your business, your decision and I hope that the decisions you make will be toward a better America… no matter how many people disagree and cuss and yell and post terrible and childish words.

Educated in the State of Washington, Tom Julian was one of the few chosen to intern with The Washington State Attorney General, Ken Eikenberry...but for reasons unknown, Tom did not pursue a law degree. Instead, Tom went to Hollywood to develop television shows. Fortunately, over the course of a few years, Tom was able to produce two Nationally Syndicated Television shows and then he was blessed to spend close to twenty years working with Fortune 500 companies in the design and manufacture of their product packaging... Apple and Callaway Golf were just a couple of the many. Today he is a full-time writer and producer. When Tom isn't writing or playing golf he loves to think, jot down ideas, buy more flash drives to store the written material and drink coffee with just the correct amount of creme to make the coffee turn a caramel color. You can find out more by going to www.tomjulian.net