Pardoe’s Perspective: Channeling Walter Cronkite

The news media – TV, radio, and newspapers – have become corrupt and manipulative.  I recognize the irony of writing this in a newspaper – please bear with me. For the most part I blame the media, but at the same time there are other factors in play.

We used to live in a country where there were facts.  Walter Cronkite on the evening news would tell us what was happening in the world. We accepted those facts and lived out our lives. There was no spin. Walter didn’t tell us his interpretation of the news. He didn’t try and twist what he said to fit his personal political agenda. He just told us the data and left the interpretation of the facts up to us.

Last year Brian Williams of NBC was called out for lying about being shot at in the Middle East and for things he reported during Hurricane Katrina. His punishment – several months off and a return to MSNBC. I’ve had worse punishment in grade school. It was a wake-up call for us, but we ignored it. Our “reporters” have become more like actors and media figures. They fulfill agendas and wander far from the facts, even going so far as to make stuff up.

I am not saying reporters shouldn’t have political opinions – but when they clash with actual reporting – it is an issue.  NBC hired Chelsea Clinton, fresh out of college, for a salary of $600,000  – three times what other correspondents were paid (people with actual reporting experience).  If this is not political favoritism then consider this – former Clinton Communications Director George Stephanopoulos, now ABC’s Chief Anchor, donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation this year.  How can he honestly report about their alleged corruption when he’s a contributor? Both of these instances are clear indications that the media is slanted in their political views.

This year’s Presidential campaign has highlighted this more than ever. When Donald Trump encouraged support of the Second Amendment to do something about Hillary Clinton, the media twisted this into a story of him calling for her assassination. CNN reported that the Secret Service had met with Trump about his “threat.”

It was a bold-faced lie, refuted two days later by Reuters.  CNN (The Clinton News Network) had completely fabricated the story.  Worse yet, they issued no retraction. The reporter was not fired.  Not a single news network that ran with the story retracted their reports. No one reported that the story had been contradicted. Why? It didn’t fit their agenda to smear Mr. Trump.  Think about this carefully – CNN made up a story to smear a candidate.

At the same time emails showing how Hillary Clinton manipulated the DNC against Bernie Sanders were released, yet the media gave this as minimal coverage as possible. We had the Attorney General meet with Bill Clinton 48 hours before his wife had to go and meet with the FBI….

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