Lester Holt: One “bigly” mistake of a moderator

Debate Hall
Debate Hall

Lester Holt, you are one “bigly” mistake of a moderator.

Upon attending the First Presidential Debate, and keeping in mind its importance, I certainly grew a distaste for NBC’s anchor Lester Holt.

While the debate room filled with students, journalists and politicians, Lester Holt, anchor of NBC took the stage and faced the audience.

“This isn’t as easy as it looks,” he stated, as his assistant brought him his suit and fixed his collar. He then continued to lecture the audience about agreements for the audience’s behavior during the debate. Holt continuously expressed that the debate was televised, and “hundreds of thousands of people will be watching.”

“Do not express any signs of approval or disapproval during the candidates’ speeches. This debate is not for you. It’s for the rest of America who is not as lucky to be here.”  

Hofstra University’s president Stuart Rabinowitz then took the stage and reassured the audience:

“I want to thank our sponsors and Hofstra’s staff for pulling this off in just 8 weeks. It usually takes 12 months of preparation. This debate is for America, this debate is for you, the audience and the students.”

As a Hofstra student, it felt reassuring and warming to see the University’s president respect the students’ opportunity to view the debate. While Holt prepared his material, he stated to the audience once more, “this debate is not for you.”

Granted, the debate was a televised event, so it is understandable to keep the noise in the debate hall at a minimum. However, once the debate started, it was clear that Lester Holt favored Hillary Clinton.

“Each of you will be given two minutes to respond to my question and then a chance to respond to each other. The audience has agreed to remain silent.”

As expected, Clinton and Donald Trump took childish stabs at one another that certainly evoked emotion and reaction from the crowd. What was shocking was Holt’s hypocrisy. After demanding that the crowd should remain silent, Holt did not stop the crowd’s Hillary supporters from cheering for her. While motioning a “silence” to the audience when cheering for Trump. Holt on television, reminded the crowd once more that they should settle down.

Lester Holt, are you #WithHer?

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