Is Hillary’s health important?


During the 15th anniversary of the 9-11, Hillary Clinton was forced to leave the ceremony after only an hour and thirty minutes, because apparently she felt overheated. That fact by itself it is not worrisome. However, the Friday before the event, Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, and she “overheated” on an 80 degree day.

Hillary has shown some concerning signs of poor health during her campaign that voters should pay attention to. After all, she could be the next president.

According to Dr. Ted Noel, Hillary may be suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease. And that could have a negative impact on her performance.

Dr. Noel commented that:

[Clinton’s] inability to take the Benghazi phone call, back on September 11th of 2012, may have been the result of her not being able to rouse herself from sleeping when the phone rang, which is a common side-effect of having Parkinson’s.

Besides, if elected, Clinton’s possible illness could force her to step down from the presidency if she becomes too affected to continue in the role, which means that Tim Kaine would become president.

Some people, especially Hillary’s supporters, may feel that:

they have been swindled, fraudulently getting Tim Kaine for their money instead of the person they had been promised.

Some voters may feel that the health of a candidate it is not important. While it is true that passing a physical test is not a requirement to run, it is also true that Clinton did not simply “overheat.”

It is normal for people to be concerned and have questions about a potential president’s health, so why is she and her team so secretive? Could it be that:

Hillary Clinton owes too much to too many not to continue running?

It is high time that Hillary stop keeping people in the dark and release her medical records. ALL of them! We all know there’s more than ONE PAGE!

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Photo Credit to Gage Skidmore


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