Is concealed carry the solution to preventing terror attacks?

handgun, holster, man
handgun, holster, man

After Ahmad Rahami ,a supporter of militant Islamic views, recently bombed New York City, on has to wonder what our government will do to prevent domestic terror attacks. Tim Schmidt, president and founder of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, suggests that, in order to decrease terrorist attacks, people should carry a concealed weapon since it will deprive terrorists of unarmed targets.

Schmidt commented on Breitbart News Daily about the importance of concealed weapons and the ineffectiveness of anti-gun zones.

“The bottom line is that gun-free zones, they simply do not work … Criminals pay no attention to these gun-free zones. Ultimately, what happens is that only law-abiding citizens pay attention to them, so what you have, in essence, is a whole bunch of soft targets.”

He believes that instead of expanding gun-free spaces to reduce violence, the government should promote “education, training, and responsible gun ownership.”

He pointed out that one of the benefits of carrying concealed weapons is that it doesn’t take many citizens doing it to decrease the crime rate.

“If there’s only roughly three percent of our citizens that are carrying concealed, you’re gonna have this powerful deterrent effect that the bad guys, the criminals, they’ll have no idea who’s carrying and who isn’t.”

Schmidt even encourages the implementation of “constitutional carry” which is defined as the right to carry concealed weapons without permit since self-defense is a “natural-born” right affirmed by the Second Amendment. He goes on to add that the reason why it was hard for the current administration to impose stricter gun control measures is because people want to guarantee their family’s and their own safety and security.

For him it is not surprising that:

Over the entire span of Barack Obama’s presidency, concealed-carry permits have gone from roughly 6 million to almost 15 million people in the U.S.

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