Guess which states accepted zero Syrian refugees

Hungary Refugee Flood, Video Still
Hungary Refugee Flood, Video Still

As reported by both NBC News and the Cybercast News Service, the Obama Administration has reached its latest goal of resettling 10,126 Syrian refugees here in the United States. But there happens to be quite a bit more to the story than a rather sterile number keyboarded on an internet news article.

Leading the pack on the total number re-settled was the state a Michigan. At least 1,036 will be headed to the greater Detroit area, to include the heavily Muslim populated city of Dearborn.

However, buried in the NBC report was a listing of the states who have taken in none of the new arrivals. Among the small handful of states with no refugees just so happen to include Hawaii and Delaware.

For those who may have missed the connection, those are the home states of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, respectively.

While NBC may have glossed over that fact….

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