Fox imploding? NOPE!

Last weekend I attended a conservative political forum moderated by Hugh Hewitt. During the reception I overheard the tail end of a conversation between two attendees:

Middle-aged male: “It’s like Fox News is suddenly imploding.”

Middle-aged female: “All the stars are leaving. Where are we going to go? I hate CNN.” 

Obviously, this pessimism stems from a recent Fox News tsunami of bad PR and surprise personnel changes at heretofore the highest rated cable news network.

Hearing that exchange prompted me to investigate whether their concerns are warranted because as a regular Fox News viewer, I too had similar thoughts. That was until I saw data from Nielson Media Research and learned, Fox News is having its highest ratings year and is stronger than ever!

In fact, August was the fourth month in 2016 when Fox News Channel (FNC) was number one in basic cable ratings for both primetime and total day with total viewers.

Read the rest at: FOXnews


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