CBS lies about yet another police shooting!

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, The Talk, on CBS showed some video of a guy being shot by police near Tulsa OK.
They showed him with his hands up,
and they showed him after he was shot.

They made no mention of the fact that,
after the police told him to stand still, he kept walking toward his truck.
They EDITED OUT the part of the video
that showed the guy reaching into his truck, which of course is why the police shot him; he looked like he was reaching for a gun.

And of course the hostesses expressed outrage about the police shooting a guy with his hands up and “not making any kind of threatening gesture in any way”
and how it’s yet another example of “blacks being killed by racist cops.”

I rather doubt that the hostesses have ever heard the true story of that incident.
Propagandists are much more believable when they sincerely believe the narrative they are to propagate.

It seems more likely that the hostesses themselves were manipulated by their own network, who edited the video dishonestly, to get them to react the way the network is trying to train everyone to react.

Julie Chen, as a news person, is the one who should be the most vigilant about watching out for this kind of deception.

Read the rest at:  CBS LIES


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