Army war veteran wants you to boycott NFL. Here’s why…

Letter to the NFL; I am an American Army war veteran. I am boycotting you. And I encourage all Americans too do so as well. Here is why.

football, NFL, boycott
football, NFL, boycott

I can’t believe my eyes today watching the news or social media clips of these spoiled, ungrateful, liberal brats who show disrespect to our country. They have the freedom to choose as they please, even choosing to play a sport where they get paid more than the military who fights for their right to do so. And their excuse in showing disrespect of their country… “they feel oppressed.”  Are you kidding me?

I served for over 13 years in the U.S. Army and was deployed to Afghanistan twice, as well as, participated in the hurricane Katrina relief in Louisiana. I have served with a variety of people from all walks of life, black, white, gay or straight, religious and secular. Each one of us would take a bullet for one another in wartime. I have lost friends in combat so these brats can be disrespectful. Just because they have the freedom and the right to take a knee doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

America is a country of equal opportunity. Liberals need to get out of the self-entitled phase and be appreciative for what they have. The reason why I am boycotting the NFL is because this disrespect is happening on more than one occasion at NFL facilities and events… and it’s being allowed. I find this very appalling. Since these spoiled brats where not taught anything of value of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the NFL is in a position to teach that.

If the U.S. military can teach service members about domestic violence, suicide awareness, and consideration of others, the NFL can teach patriotism and what the national anthem means. Especially the part where Americans have died for that freedom. If their disrespect were to be at different venues that would be a different story. Americans, especially families that have lost their loved ones at war, should not have to go to a game and see this deplorable kind of behavior.

The NFL should be about family time, people getting together for a fun game and rooting their team, not seeing misguided politics. Until I see a difference from these spoiled brats and an apology from the NFL, I will be boycotting and encouraging others to do the same.  We the People have had enough.

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