Andy Richter only had to kill one child to be successful

Pro-Choice Supporters
Pro-Choice Supporters

Being a parent is one of the most demanding jobs. Some people take that responsibility with joy. Others consider it a burden.

Conan O’Brien’s sidekick, Andy Richter, for example, announced at a Los Angles Planned Parenthood fundraiser that he is “eternally grateful” for his girlfriend’s abortion in 1992 since it allowed them to:

live the lives they wanted.

He and his future (now current) wife, Sarah Thyre, needed to build their careers and a having a baby at that time would have affected that goal and other plans they had for their lives.

Richter explained that in 1992:

Luckily for us, Planned Parenthood existed. My girlfriend knew that she was not ready for motherhood, and I knew that I was in no way prepared to be a father … She knew that she was doing the right thing for everyone involved. But I can’t say it was easy … But to this day, I know that she will tell you that she made the right decision.

When asked about his feelings about pro-life people, he commented that:

“Planned Parenthood helps a ton of people, and if they don’t agree with that, f— ’em. You can quote me on that. Tell them I said, ‘F— ’em.’”

It a shame that people believe having a child somehow won’t allow them to pursue their goals. As if children somehow affect their abilities, intellect, and other qualities.

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood encourages that type of thinking and is more than happy to provide the tools to eliminate the “burden” that happens to be a CHILD!

But as Holly Scheer, writer of the Federalist, commented:

That baby wouldn’t have ruined [The Richters’] future, but abortion ruined the chance for that child to ever have an opportunity at life. That’s something nobody can be eternally grateful for.

At least Andy only had to kill one of his children in order to be successful. I’m sure the others are also “eternally grateful.”

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