Albertson’s bakery refuses to write “Trump 2016” on birthday cake

Trump-sign-voters-attrib-flickr-Gage Skidmore-28631370912
Trump-sign-voters-attrib-flickr-Gage Skidmore-28631370912

One of things that sets the US apart from other countries is the liberty people have to choose their representatives, including the president.

In Bossier City, Louisiana, Albertson’s bakery refuse to sell a cake to 17-year-old McKenzie Gill because she wanted ‘Trump 2016’ on her cake for her Trump-themed party.

She explained to KSLA that:

“We [Gill and her mother] just need an American flag cake with Trump 2016 on it, and right when I said Trump the lady just (makes face) kinda Trump? And she was like I can make you a flag cake but I’m not going to write Trump on it,” explained Gill.

Gill notified the store officials of this incident and told them that:

“It’s your job, we’re not really going for your opinion on what you think of the candidates we were just wanting Trump 2016 on the cake.”

After her Facebook post about the event got a lot of attention, it is not surprising that Albertson’s released a statement apologizing. On it, Connie Yeates, the spokesperson, said that:

“We apologize to our customer in Bossier City for the situation regarding the cake that was requested. Our Bakery staff member misunderstood the training provided regarding copyrighted phrases and incorrectly informed the customer we could not fulfill her request. We would be happy to provide the cake as the customer requested.”

Despite her experience, Gill “is letting it roll off her” and is excited to vote for the first time this November for candidate Trump, who is some she look up to.

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