Why Stumping for Trump is not only the safest but most logical answer

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

It’s no secret that I have evolved politically over the last few years, but sadly some have stayed chained in the bondage of Liberalism and the lies attached to it. Whilst I never considered myself a Liberal when I was a Democrat, I was fraught with contradiction and control. I’d frankly had enough of Obama’s failed rhetoric and inability to make any lasting difference.

Changing allegiances will never make you popular or even enable you be trusted easily. Lets face it I was viewed as too liberal to be conservative by my conservative friends and clearly a total conservative by my liberal friends. Whilst I consider myself to be a conservative in all honesty I am still just me trying to make a difference and make America a better place.

I always believed that this would only be achieved by left and right working together and forging a point to grow from based upon the things we do agree on. Division is only achievable by allowing our differences in opinion to tear through any chances of growth and development. I do fundamentally believe some really do want there to be divide and are too unreachable, but most are not.

In the run up to the Presidential elections things became very difficult for me politically once more with the division within The GOP and in the country as a whole. Sadly that grew and the uncertainty that ensued was palpable. Regardless of everything else I do believe that God is in control and even with the fact that humanity is flawed we will get by.

The race ensued and it got down to four, two on each side and in all any honesty I didn’t feel particularly warm and supportive towards any of them.  I don’t think I could ever support a Democrat in office again, I mean look at the mess Obama has made of the USA in less than 8 years. His policies were quick fixes and his promises constantly failed and clearly “Teflon Trouser Suit Girl” Hillary would basically grab his policies and eek them out for another four years and then blame the previous incumbent.

When it got down to a two horse race and it was clear that Donald Trump would be the GOP nominee I was forced to make a choice. I could, like so many of my conservative friends chuck a hissy fit because Cruz had not won the nomination and support a 3rd party runner. On reflection that was really never an option because a vote for anybody but Trump was a vote for Hillary, so totally defeated the object.

I also heard some were saying they would vote for Hillary as a protest as Trump wasn’t even a Conservative. I don’t ever recall him professing he was and as for questioning whether he was still a Democrat, he was running on the GOP docket. What more do you need, for him to get a tattoo with GOP on his arm? In a way it made things very simple and I quickly came to a conclusion.

It was clear that it was imperative to love America more than I disliked elements of the candidate. Is Trump perfect? Heck no but neither was any other candidate and let’s face it, Jesus wasn’t running this year. When I looked at Hillary and Donald side by side, based upon track record, Donald did look so bad. There have been many things Trump has said that I have found abhorrent, but in fairness, to quote an 11 yr old “I’d rather deal with a few bad words than get bombed or my head cut off.”

Hillary would do or say anything to get elected and she carries a level of culpability regarding Benghazi. Having the blood of my fellow countrymen on your hands is a definite turnoff for me and that’s before we get to the EMail stuff. Then there are four hundred million more reasons not to want Teflon Tessie Clinton as our POTUS. Yes I am referring to the fact that her department arranged for $400 Million taxpayer dollars to be given to our sworn enemies. You know the ones who want to kill us and our allies.

Wake up America, Hillary and Bill have been in bed with terrorists for years and put personal profit above the safety of people like you and me. She has already indicated she wants to change freedom of speech laws and another Clinton in the White House is one too many for me.

When I started to go public about choosing to support Donald Trump, I was subject to many forms of abuse. Being a Talk Show Host I am thankfully pretty thick skinned. It started slow with people retweeting negative things I had said about Trump from 3 and 4 years ago. Big deal, I chose to comment on what I perceived to be negative comments from Trump.

Then people unfollowed me for my Political Position. People I had known for 30 yrs blocked me for supporting him. I was told I had no self respect if I supported Trump which in all honesty was so far from the truth. I was insulting the LGBT Community by supporting him. Get real! The Gays have far more to worry about with Hillary. She took donations from countries that KILL gays and throw them off roofs for merely being gay. Her support for this community only occurred to get the gay vote.

I had quite a public slanging match with the Editor of The Huffington Post, Noah Michelson who stated he didn’t know of anyone gay supporting Trump. TA DA, and I’m not even a Republican. He went into such a tirade of vitriol criticizing me, my journalism and my right to an opinion.  It was like being back in highschool, you know when that one friend says you can’t be friends with someone they dislike. His commentary was so abhorrent even friends of mine from the board of Verizon who own the Liberal Rag were disgusted with him.

When I pointed this out he asked me if that was a threat and quickly backed down. I asked my friends to take no action but they are monitoring the situation. What more can we expect from a professional homosexual who writes such tat as the article linked here, that encourages gays to stop sleeping with Trump supporters in order to defeat him. Oh yes Noah, that will stop him, keep up that award winning Journalism. Come back Arianna Huffington, all is forgiven.

He even went so far as to state (via Twitter) that The Huffington Post’s Editorial position was that “Trump is dangerous and must be stopped at all costs” I am sure my friends on The Verizon Board would have concerns with that statement as they are Republicans!  Good luck with your little tirade Noah because clearly yours or anyone’s friendship that does not allow for personal perspective, is a friendship not worth having. Bye Felicia!!

In conclusion, I want to clarify that point. Anyone who claims to be your friend and does not allow for your own personal political convictions was never your friend in the first place. I am fully ensconced on The Trump Train Thanks so much to my friends for saving me a seat. If my stumping for Trump means you cannot be my friend any longer, adios amigo and good luck helping Teflon Tessie wipe the blood from her hands!

Love and Peace Xan x

Reprinted with permission via XanderGibb


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