Who is the TRUE friend of the Jewish people? Trump or Clinton?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Israel and the Jewish people have been a focus in this important election season, especially in the war against terror. To really see who is a friend or foe you must look past the mainstream media, Tweets, etc. and actually look at actions. Both candidates, and even their Vice Presidential picks, are as opposite as night and day when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people.

Donald Trump, as I’ve previously written, has done so many things for the American Jewish community and Israel. He also has attended AIPAC and made it clear that he is a friend of Israel. And with his history, I believe him. He also spoke at a Republican Jewish coalition event early in the primaries. He vows to move the embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, making a big statement. His Vice Presidential pick, Mike Pence, is very pro-Israel. He even turned down an invitation to dinner with Mohamed Abbas.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is the total opposite. She says she is pro-Israel, but her lies keep catching up with her. Not only was her husband, President Bill Clinton, for a 2-State Solution… so is she.

You can’t be pro-Israel if you are for a 2 State Solution. A 2-State Solution will put Israelis in danger by bringing our borders closer in like the pre-1967 borders.

Her Vice Presidential pick as well as herself are in favor of the Iran Deal, a dangerous deal which will put not only America in danger but Israel as well. Tim Kaine has even boycotted Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to Congress regarding this deal.

Last but not least, at the Democrat National Convention, regardless of Snopes’ “False” claim there were no American flags shown at the DNC, there were Palestinian flags there as well as Israeli flags being burned right outside.

So with all the facts laid out showing actions instead of words, we can easily see who really is a friend of the Jewish people and Israel as well as seeing who the foe is. Are we clear now?

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