Who are the refugees that are coming to America?

Syria, Middle East, Map, ISIS control
Syria, Middle East, Map, ISIS control

On August 5, 2016, security forces in Egypt stopped an illegal attempt at Muslim migration across the Mediterranean to Europe.

225 illegal “migrants” of different nationalities were arrested in the raid. Among the nationalities were: Egyptian, Sudanese, Eritrean, Somali, Ethiopian, Comorian, Cameroonian, Guinean, Yemeni, and Palestinian.

During Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, shipping Muslims from Africa to Europe was promoted, but after the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt now prohibits this activity and thwarts any attempt. But this doesn’t stop the movement of boats filled with “migrants” leaving from Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya — some times daily — carrying Muslims from different parts of Africa to Europe.

You have probably seen video of how violent these “migrants” or “refugees” are when they arrive at their destinations in Greece, France or Italy. They are extremely aggressive and often conduct violent attacks on the native population, and also the police.

If these “migrants”, or “refugees”, whichever you want to call them, really wanted migrant work or wanted to improve their lives by seeking refuge in a western country, wouldn’t they be polite, or at least non-violent, to the native population of their new host country? But no, they behave aggressively and violent and the situation has only escalated during the last year as their numbers continue to grow.

Besides the smaller boats leaving from north Africa, Turkey moves “Syrian refugees” to Europe on large ships and ferry boats. Turkey often uses the ships normally used for the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. These ships can carry enormous numbers of “refugees”.

More than two million Muslims go to Hajj each year. It’s a massive, well-coordinated “travel event” that takes much planning and coordination several months in advance.

Ferry boats and other ships, normally used for Hajj, were used to transport the first massive waves of “refugees” to Greece from Turkey and to parts of mainland Europe. The “refugees” were then immediately placed on trains and buses, which were also well organized and waiting, and which took the “refugees” deeper into France, Germany, and elsewhere into Europe.

The first wave of refugees appeared to be sudden and took everyone by surprise, but it was not sudden. It was a well-organized event and thorough in its placement of many thousands of “refugees” into various European countries. It was a Hajj-like invasion of fighting age male Muslims — the majority of whom had no passports or ID of any kind.

It was deliberate that they carried no I.D. — you were to believe that these were “Syrian” refugees.

Like the male Muslims on the boat that tried to leave Egypt this week, those young men in those first waves of “refugees” to Europe were not Syrian. But you were purposefully led to believe that they were. Remember the media showing relentless video of pitiful looking people waiting at the Turkish border?

It was deliberately coordinated to fool westerners into feeling empathy for the “refugees” and to make westerners feel safe to let them in. So who were those people — mostly young males of fighting age?

In June 2014, a reputable research group, the Soufan Group, reported that approximately 12,000 foreign fighters from 81 countries went to Syria to fight with ISIS and other terrorist groups. Eighteen months later, in December 2015, a new Soufan report stated that the number of foreign fighters had more than doubled — 27,000 to 31,000 people traveled to join ISIS and other extremist groups from at least 86 countries. (1)

The US State Department has stated that up to 30,000 foreign fighters joined ISIS alone and came from at least 100 different countries. (2) Considering that there are ten other major Islamist armies besides ISIS fighting in Syria, including al-Qaeda and the Turkish-Saudi coalition army of Jaish al-Fateh (to name only two of the top ten), this means that there could easily be as many as 100,000 foreign fighters in Syria. (3)

Syria reports at least 360,000 foreign fighters have come to Syria from 93 different countries since 2011. I believe Syria’s stats are more accurate.(b) But the point is, no matter how you figure the numbers, an incredibly large number of Muslims from around the world continue to join the fight for Islam in Syria.

The top two countries who have had the most number of Islamist fighters leaving to Syria are Morocco and Tunisia.(a) Those countries are breeding fighters who can also easily catch a “migrant” boat from north Africa to Europe. Turkey is also on the top 10 providers of mercenary fighters to Syria, but worse, Turkey has the most fighters who return home in the greatest numbers. This means it’s easy for those fighters to make their way to Europe on a “refugee” ship from Turkey.

During the last four years, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have joined forces in backing foreign Islamist groups trying to overthrow the Syrian government. In 2015, Saudi Arabia and Turkey created a coalition army, an army with several divisions so it could spread itself throughout Syria. Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund and arm this army, Jaish al-Fateh, and supply it with endless foreign Islamist mercenaries.

Jaish al-Fateh was immediately successful. Their first offensive captured almost the entire province of Idlib (where they massacred entire villages of Syrian civilians). Jaish al-Fateh receives its limitless fighters and weapons via the Turkish border. There has been a non-stop inflow of new fighters for Jaish al-Fateh, but also for al-Qaeda, and even ISIS, via the Turkish border. Turkey makes no attempt to stop them, no matter what group they’re from.

From the Syrian side of the border, one of the Syrian-Turkish border crossings is controlled by the Turkish-Saudi army of Jaish al-Fateh. Four other border crossings are controlled by ISIS (see map above).

Jaish al-Fateh and ISIS control who is allowed to cross back into Turkey. And then Turkey funnels those people out as “refugees”.

Which “refugees” do you think Jaish al-Fateh and ISIS choose to let through the border into Turkey?

ISIS and Jaish al-Fateh kill Syrian civilians, they do not let them cross the border. The alleged “refugees” who cross the border are foreign Islamic fighters — trained killers who are now heading for various western countries as “refugees”. And worse, their latest “weapon” is women and children — directly from the training camps to your door.

Obama says Americans should welcome women and children “refugees” into America — that we have nothing to fear. But 10% of those who joined ISIS in 2015 were women.(1) And ISIS members, including women and children, are taught suicide bombing as part of their training. According to ISIS social media, training women and children has been a major focus throughout 2015 and 2016.

ISIS released videos on their social media on December 4, 2015 showing children beheading prisoners, participating in martial arts training, and learning how to operate AK-47’s. They were also shown being taught to recite violent passages from the Quran, and when they recited well, these children were “rewarded” by being allowed to execute and behead prisoners.

I’ve reported on the “Caliphate Cubs” on several occasions.(4) These children are not Syrian, they are primarily Chechyan, Afghani, Pakistani, Algerian and Tunisian — whose Islamist parents have sent them to the ISIS camps. When these Caliphate Cub training camps first started up, the goal stated on ISIS social media was to have “future generations” trained and ready to fight in the west.

It is highly likely that ISIS training camps have trained some of the co-called “refugees” who are now on their way to America — and those well-trained “refugees” will include some women and children. And since women and children are the least likely to be suspected–they can easily enter a mall or shopping center–even a school, without causing suspicion.

Additionally, there are ISIS training camps in other countries besides Syria and Iraq. There are ISIS camps in Turkey, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Sinai, to name a few. These are countries that funnel Islamist fighters to the west as “refugees” and “migrants”, many on the boats from north Africa.

I think that when Obama mentioned “women and children” as being harmless — he knew exactly what the next phase of attack on the West will be.

Reference footnotes at CheriBerens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.