When the Syrian Refugee crisis came to ME

Twin Towers, New York City
Twin Towers, New York City

When I first began college, I truly believed that my Conservative views would be appreciated, or listened to at the very least. However, upon entering a classroom, I quickly realized that I could not champion the audience of the Left, no matter how “understanding” I sounded coming from the Right.

The topic I dreaded eventually came up in class, as my eyes bounced from one corner of the classroom to the next.

“We are going to discuss the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the refusal of the Right to accept that Syrians are people, too!”

I thought to myself: “Maybe today isn’t a good day to speak out.”

It didn’t take long until the problem came back to look for me. A few weeks ago on a very early Sunday morning, my doorbell rang. Every member of my household woke up, searched for their clothes and ran down the steps thinking that it was some sort of community emergency.

“Hi, we’re collecting money for Syrian Refugees and were also wondering if you would like to host a family?”

Um…am I allowed to say no?

Without being given a few seconds to turn away from the door, they rang again. This time, very angrily, as if signaling that they would not leave until we “chose” to help refugees.

It seems as though the Left has its own rigid moral ideologies – those that do not leave room for any opinion from the Right. It somehow has become the moral obligation or the “right” thing to do as a citizen to accept anyone and anything, regardless of ones own opinion.

Keeping in mind current events such as the DNC, RNC, Trump’s press conferences and the lingering fear of Muslims, it is crucial to attempt to map out the origin of our country’s “fear.” The present tends to observe history in a search for answers, one of which is the fear of the Muslim world.

What is the Left trying to tell us by pushing the acceptance of Syrian Refugees?

Perhaps our country’s post 9/11 mourning is beginning to subside. After the horrific attack, the United States developed a fear of the “outside world,” and, rightfully so. But, can the acceptance of Syrian Refugees be a way in which the Left attempts to make peace with the fear of Muslims?

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As an active, conservative college student on campus, my initial observation is that the progressives and the liberal left tend to stand out to students as the "expected" political affiliation. I have grown into an individual who cultivated a passion for philosophy and political philosophy alike, in order to reignite the Conservative vision of America. Aside from politics, I am an avid reader, animal lover, and fitness enthusiast.