When a liberal college is not liberal enough

Gay pride, college students
Gay pride, college students

Why do we never see students from the Right complain about “oppression”? It’s because the Left seems to have a problem with everything, even something that is in their favor. Oberlin College, ranked in the top 13 of the most Liberal colleges in the United States, apparently reeks of “white privilege” and “institutional racism.”

Students at Oberlin College, also known as one of the most gay-friendly colleges in the U.S., complain about “transphobia” and are hurt by their straight friends who do not address them by preferred pronouns. Some students speak of the college as having a “sinister atmosphere where bigotry still flourishes.” 

So despite being ranked the most Liberal, gay-friendly college, the main aspect of the institution that stands out is its oppressive white-privileged students?

However, queer students aren’t the only ones offended by the “blatant” racism on campus. Apparently, the campus food, which has too much cream in it, specifically caters to the white student population. Why? Because “Black American food doesn’t have much cream in it.”

What’s next, complaining that painting the walls white is blatant racism,too?

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Picture Credit: Steve Baker

As an active, conservative college student on campus, my initial observation is that the progressives and the liberal left tend to stand out to students as the "expected" political affiliation. I have grown into an individual who cultivated a passion for philosophy and political philosophy alike, in order to reignite the Conservative vision of America. Aside from politics, I am an avid reader, animal lover, and fitness enthusiast.