What will Hillary’s “free college” cost us… the taxpayer?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Now that “Feel the Bern” is no longer a political trend, Hillary Clinton has assumed the role of providing a better future for the younger generation. In her plan she includes free college education to families with an income of $125,000 per year or less. Leading professors in business and economics have praised Hillary’s plan, yet point out a few flaws. Does Hillary see these flaws herself?

Charles Kane, a professor in economics states that Hillary’s plan is “feasible” yet it is important that the “government isn’t just dishing out money.” Kane states a valid point: Should every student be awarded free education as long as their family income fits the criteria? His solution is that students should be required to do some sort of rigorous community service in exchange for a free education.

Yet, the question is clear: who will fund the education? As Director of the Finance Department at MIT Doug Criscitello states: “I wonder, what will this cost taxpayers?”

But when are taxpayers ever a concern,right?

Read more about what other professors think of Hillary’s plan here at CampusReform.

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