Was Trump’s Second Amendment comment taken out of context?

NRA, Virginia, HQ
NRA, Virginia, HQ

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has continuously spoken out about his discontent with the Left’s push for stricter gun laws. On August 9th in North Carolina, Trump didn’t fail to entertain the audience, the media and the rest of the country with his rather multi-interpretational comment in regards to the second amendment. Of course, his speech would be incomplete without taking a stab at his competitor, Hillary ‘Crooked’ Clinton (in the words of Trump).

After repeating that Clinton plans to abolish the second amendment, he stated: “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.” While the crowd laughed, the media quickly took apart Trump’s speech, claiming that he suggested violence against Clinton.

Granted, Trump has previously expressed violent comments, stating that he could “shoot somebody and not lose voters.” Alternatively, Trump’s reference to the “second amendment people” may have been a reference to those who support and protect the second amendment such as the NRA. After all, he did reference the NRA multiple times in his speech and let us not forget their endorsement of Trump.

Republican speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, just like the rest of us within the party, seemed embarrassed and a bit annoyed with Trump’s comment, stating: “I hope he clears it up very quickly…You should never joke about something like that.”

Due to Trump’s bold personality and lack of thought before speaking, his comment could be easily misinterpreted. However, at this point, how credible is the integrity of Trump’s character?

What was your initial reaction to his comment?

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